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The Assignment:

Write a synthesizing essay in which ideas and information from several sources are combined and integrated into a unified whole controlled throughout the essay by your own idea or thesis. You will be responsible, therefore, for researching and reading widely on a topic, establishing relationship between the views expressed by these various sources, and blending source materials and your own thoughts into a meaningful and effective whole. It may be helpful to think of this essay as a problem-solving or a question-answering assignment. Your essay must include a clear definition of the problem or question, evidence that either the problem/question exists, a proposed solution to the problem or a proposed answer to the questions (your thesis), evidence and arguments that the proposed solution/answer would work, and a logical response to the opposition’s point of view if necessary.



You must avoid plagiarism. The bottom line is not to copy other people’s three consecutive words. When you use their ideas or words, you must give them credit in a proper way.

Annotated Bibliography

Choose at least six different sources that you want to use in your essay and summarize each of the contents approximately in 150 words. The words must be yours to avoid plagiarism. Use MLA (page 766) or APA (page 778) format.


Your outline should be very specific. Use always complete sentences.

It should have background information, thesis statement, topic sentences, and details in paragraphs.



* The introduction should be two paragraphs, and the thesis should be in the second paragraph.


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