Moral choice of Hamlet

Hamlet was the only son of the late King that was named too as Hamlet. His father was murdered when Hamlet was away from home. He had an uncle, a brother of his father, named Claudius and later married Hamlet’s mother named Gertrude. Since Hamlet’s father was murdered, it was Claudius who took over the palace and became a king. On the other, Hamlet had a girlfriend named Ophelia. Ophelia was dearly loved by Hamlet. But there were many obstacles and hindrances that tested their love as lovers. Ophelia’s father, Polonius, and brother, Laertes, had strongly disagreed with their affair.
They even reprimanded Ophelia not to talk again with Hamlet due to the reason that it was not inappropriate for Hamlet and Ophelia to have a relationship because they both came from different world. Moreover, Hamlet was very depressed and sad when his father died. He really searched and did not stop in finding for the truth in order to have justice for his father’s death. Hamlet had an intuition that his uncle, King Claudius, was responsible for the death of his father but Hamlet did not have enough evidences to prove the said accusation. But since he was clever enough, Hamlet made a plan that surely helped him find out who was the master mind of the death of his father. Then he found out something from the plan he set.
When he identified and discovered that it was King Claudius who was responsible for his father’s death, he started to set another plan on how to kill King Claudius as a revenge and retaliation to his uncle. This plan he set up made the people, especially his uncle and Ophelia, puzzled what made him like that and this plan was to act out as insane. Hamlet believed that this plan will be the best way to kill his uncle. Now, when Hamlet showed himself to Ophelia, the love of his life was very terrified and startled because she knew that Hamlet was going insane and she was afraid what Hamlet might do to her.

Because of that, Ophelia was set by King Claudius and Polonius to be used in finding out on what were the causes and reasons why Hamlet was going crazy. They speculated that Hamlet was insane because he and Ophelia were not permitted to see each other. But when the time they’ve met, Hamlet continually acted out as insane and Ophelia was very sad and depress. So King Claudius and Polonius were very disturbed on what made Hamlet that way and the King assumed that there must be another reasons that made him insane.
Furthermore, there was an incident that Hamlet and Ophelia went out to watch a dramaturgical performance and Hamlet acted again as insane because King Claudius was there and he thought it would be the time to verify and confirm Claudius’ contriteness in the killing of his father. That incident made Ophelia very humiliated. After that incident, Hamlet accidentally killed Ophelia’s father that result to Ophelia’s suicide by drowning herself in the riverbank.
Hamlet’s morals:
Hamlet’s heart was full of hatred and selfishness in such a way that due to his plan to revenge to his stepfather and an uncle at the same time, the lives of others were affected and destroyed. He only thinks for himself. It is not wrong to find out the truth but if you cause pain and hurts to other people in order to get your desired plan, then, that made it bad. Hamlet had good intentions in doing such plan because through that, he will be able to find justice for his father’s death. But the act itself in carrying such plan was morally wrong because he involved other people’s lives like Ophelia’s father that he killed because of his anger and that caused Ophelia’s depression and ended up killing her on life.

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Moral choice of Hamlet
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