Module 4 Discussion 3: Field Research

To truly understand the many perspectives on an issue, you need to see how the issue impacts people who have a stake in it. Seeing this impact firsthand is valuable in helping yourself understand the significance of the issue and the importance in addressing it.
For this discussion you will conduct two types of field research to help you better understand your topic.
You should spend approximately 2 hours on this assignment.

Research: Conduct the interview you planned in Discussion 2, if your proposed interviewee was approved.  If I did not approve your proposed interviewee, choose a professional in the field of your research for this Discussion.
Research: Conduct a second type of field research. Consider creating and carrying out a survey (you should have at least 100 responses to consider your survey effective enough); volunteering at a local place of government or local shelter/charitable organization and observing during your volunteer time; visiting a local museum; attending a rally or political event; or touring a manufacturing or processing plant, correctional facility, courtroom, or hospital. The point is for you to experience your topic firsthand. Be creative! This research must be conducted during the course of this module (you should not draw on prior experience), and you must be actively involved in your topic (conventional text research will not be accepted).
Think: What did you learn from your observations and interview? What significant information did you gain? What new questions do you have or what new directions might you want to pursue after completing this field research?

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Module 4 Discussion 3: Field Research
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Write one paragraph explaining who you interviewed for your first field research activity (interview): give first and last names, job title, and name of organization where this individual works, so you work will be eligible for credit.  Then, summarize the main points you learned from the interview.
Write a second paragraph in which you explain your second field research activity and summarize what you learned from your observations.  
Write a third paragraph analyzing and interpreting the information you gained from both of these field research activities.  Explain how the information you gained will shape or affect your research and what new ideas or questions you have.

Post one original post, and reply to at least two of your classmates. In your replies to peers, respond to one another’s interpretations and evaluations. What did you learn? What was most interesting about their interview or field research? What value do you see in conducting field research? Try to further the discussion in your replies by asking thoughtful questions, adding interesting information, or connecting your reply to the material we are discussing.
Don’t forget that your initial posting is due by the date listed in the Course Schedule. Please post over several days. Points will be lost if you post on only one day of the module.

See the Course Schedule and Course Rubrics sections in the Syllabus module for due dates and grading information. See the Grading and Evaluation section in the Syllabus module for general discussion expectations.


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