mod 1 614

 chapter 1-4
This is a Reflection/Summary  Journal in which you will summarize the learning/application of the material cover each week.
I suggest that you comment on:

What you learned this week, the high points.
What you liked.
What you did not like.
How this material might help you with your job or in other areas of your life.
Share any thoughts you have regarding this week.. 

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mod 1 614
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YOUR POST SHOULD BE AT LEAST one PAGE IN LENGTH. Quantity is IMPORTANT BUT QUALITY is just as important. NOTE: Wikipedia cannot be used as a source for this class. Also, do not cut and paste from your sources, but read and then put in your own words, this means paraphrase and cite your sources the APA way.
Insert rationale, set-up, background, or general instructions for this assignment. Complete and submit the assignment in 19 hours

Grading Rubric 
Grading Rubric 
The assignment will be 30 points. 
It  must be 1 page – 1 inch margins – 12 point Times New Roman font – 500 words for a single spaced page and 250 words for a double spaced page. 
Reflection/Journal  Grading Rubric
Total Points Possible (30) 
Cover the weekly material
Spelling and Grammar is at the college level and reference the text or other material


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