MM570 Applied Statistics for Psychology

For this Project, you will use the “Statistics Class” dataset called Stat_Grades.sav, which can be found in the Doc Sharing area under the Graded Projects category. This same “Statistics Class” dataset is used for all the class projects. The Stat_Grades.sav dataset contains data collected about students in three sections of a statistics class taught by an instructor. You will also use SPSS for this project.

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MM570 Applied Statistics for Psychology
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Note: When asked to include the interpretation of the results and final conclusions, be sure to include all results, an interpretation of the meaning of the results, and final conclusions that a common person can understand. Make sure you use complete sentences, paragraph form (single spacing), proper grammar, and correct spelling. Minimal or incomplete responses can lose points. Include any SPSS results that you use, but do not include SPSS results that are not part of your solution.


Hint: You are asked to determine “appropriate” tests and methods, and to make calculations. This means that you will have to determine which tests or methods are best and why.


Rememberto always show all of your work and each of your steps.

For each hypothesis testing question, follow the appropriate steps.

1) Write the hypothesis

2) Construct the Ho and Ha clearly and appropriately. Note the means you are comparing.

3) Run the appropriate SPSS test and include the appropriate results

4) Explain and evaluate the SPSS results

5) Write a complete and paragraph form conclusion that can be understood by a normal non-statistical person.


Use the Live Binder for further assistance. There is a link to the Live Binder under every Unit.


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