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For   this mini-essay (approximately 600-700 words) on gender and family you need   to have watched the two video lectures on men and family in Japan AND watched   the video entitled Family Values: The Chinese Family in Transition.
You   must answer all three prompts below (at least one paragraph for each) and   make explicit reference (including citation) to a lecture and the video   documentary.
1.   Think about the gender roles and family dynamics in postwar Japan. What are   the similarities and differences between the role of men in Japan and that of   U.S. men?

2.   In the video Family Values: The Chinese Family in Transition you   are introduced to several families throughout China in the late 1990s.   Discuss some of the major issues facing Chinese families in the 21st century.   Think about what has prompted these changes and challenges.

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3.   In the video Family Values: The Chinese Family in Transition, we   are introduced to the Zheng farming family in Anhui province. The documentary   ends with the cousin, Xiaohai, agreeing to an arranged marriage. Why did he   do so and would you do the same if you were in the same position? Why or why   not?


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