Migrating to New Cities: Overcoming Challenges

It has been seen that a lot of people migrate to new cities or new countries these days. They may face a number of changes in their new life, including climatic change, changes in language and the way of eating food. This essay will give an overview of these changes and how to overcome these challenges. Firstly, we will consider the climatic change. Those who migrate to new countries, definitely experience sudden changes in the climate.
For example, if a person, who travel to countries like United Kingdom, may feel extreme cold weather, because most western countries have cold climate. It will be very difficult for a migrant, if they had warm climate in their own country. This change in climate may create health problems like, cold, sinusitis and head ache. Secondly, language problem. When people migrate to new cities or countries, they may face language difficulties, especially, if their mother tongue is different from the new city or country.
It will affect people, when they communicate with others. Countries like India have 23 different languages in different states. So, when people move their houses to these cities they may find it very difficult to mingle with other people. Thirdly, changes in the way of eating food. People eat food in different ways in different countries. For example, in India, people use their right hand to eat their food. While in European countries people eat their food with knife and fork and spoon.

Therefore, when people migrate to these countries, they may feel it very hard to adjust with the new style. However, we can overcome these changes, by wearing warm clothes like jackets, coats. It will help them to avoid cold. Also they can use heaters to warm up their rooms. Language difficulties may avoid by learning new languages, before migrates to new cities or countries. People could change their way of eating by practicing with cutleries. In summary, people experience a lot of changes, when they move their houses to a new place.

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Migrating to New Cities: Overcoming Challenges
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