midterm needed in 3 hours

Assume a physician practice desires to improve the safety of its care. What might be some of
the investments or initiatives needed for applications, technical architecture, data, and IT staff?
2) What are some core processes for a health plan? What IT initiatives might be undertaken to
improve those processes?
3) Assume a large hospital has a strategic goal of improving the performance of its revenue cycle.
What are some of the IT asset strategies that might result?
4) Define, by use of examples, change management and IT governance.
5) Pick an example of how an organization outside of health care uses IT to improve a competitive
position; discuss how that effort might inform competitive use in health care.
6) What are some IT strategies that might be pursued by an organization seeking to improve the
quality of their medical care?

Glaser, J. P., & Salzberg, C. (2011). The Strategic Application of Information Technology In Health Care Organizations. (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

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midterm needed in 3 hours
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