Midterm Article Abstract

Week 6: MidTerm Assignment – Article Abstract
The purpose of the article abstract is to increase awareness of current trends in Career Management and relate those trends to theories discussed in the texts, as well as how these apply to the individual and the organization.
Students should pick three (3) articles, written by different authors that address one (1) career management topic and review them. The articles should address the same topic and are to be from a peer-reviewed source (such as from a journal, book, which can be found in the library database); the articles should be no more than five years old and have current and relevant information.
Students can select the topic. Any topic found in either the Greenhaus (2010) chapters (from Week One), the Harrington (2007) book, or from the list below, are acceptable. It’s advised that you choose a topic that interests you or that you question, as it will make the research/writing easier.
The abstract should provide a brief overview/summary of the three articles’ content, while distinguishing the main issues, accurately identifying the impact of each issue on today’s workers and organizations, discussing relevant information to issues found in the textbook. Students should relate the topic to their current work situations and provide examples for how they have, or might, utilize the topic subject. The idea is to enable the student to apply concepts learned to their current situation
Completed abstracts should be no more than six (6) pages; the page count does NOT include the cover page or the reference page. Papers should be double-spaced, 12- point font, either Times Roman or Ariel. Abstracts should be written using APA guidelines and cited appropriately as they will be graded per those guidelines. They will automatically be submitted to Turnitin, which checks for plagiarism, when you upload to the Dropbox; be sure to plan your writing early, as you are given the opportunity to resubmit to get a lower score. All cited work must be listed in the reference section.
The abstract reviews each article separately.  Each complete abstract should include the following:

Introduction; reason for topic choice
Overview/Summary of Each Article (naming the Article Titles and Authors); summarize what the research studied, the findings, and your analysis – did you agree/disagree with the findings or anything missing that you would recommend, etc.)
Implied/Factual Impact of the Main Issues on Organizations (i.e. what is the impact of the key issues on individuals and the organization)

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Midterm Article Abstract
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The following are suggested topics:
Career Appraisal
Career Management
Career Exploration
Career Goal Setting
New vs Old Career
Flexible Work Arrangements
Dual-Career Families
Work-Life Balance
Career Lattice
Women in the Workplace
The Glass Ceiling
Career Transitions
Generational Issues
Organizational Career Systems
Career Choice`
Life Span/Developmental Stages


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