MGT 315 Week 4 Powerpoint

Assignment Content

In this assignment, you will explore/research an organization or business who have experienced a merger within the past 5 years. You will identify group dynamics, team building, team roles, norms, and team rules. By understanding how teams work effectively within an organization and how individuals work effectively within teams, you will gain greater insight into how to function effectively within a team.   
Review Ch. 8, 10, and 12 located in the textbook.

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MGT 315 Week 4 Powerpoint
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Create a 12-slide presentation, with speaker notes included, providing specific characteristics of the merger (i.e. group dynamics, team building, team roles, norms, and team rules), which can be replicated in other mergers. Your presentation should answer the following questions:

1. Why was the change needed?
2. What was change?
3. Who was affected?
4. How were they affected?
5. How was potential conflict managed?
6. How was trust strengthened or repaired?
7. How was power shared in the organization/business after the restructuring/downsizing?
8. What tactics were used to achieve a successful restructuring/downsizing transition? What were avoided?
9. What were the benefits of the planned changes?
10. What was the timeframe of implementation?
11. How were changes communicated to the employees?

Apply at least one organizational behavior theoretical concept.
Write up a 175-word company-wide memo that can be used by the CEO to communicate the change plan to the employees.
Cite a minimum of 2 references. One of the references must be the course textbook.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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