media homework

8/10 Due,This assessment will require the submission of a written Discussion Paper, and group work during the tutorial (including the facilitation of a group and

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media homework
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participation in a panel). You must complete bOTH components in order to obtain a mark for this assessment task

Value: 20%

Task: Discussion paper and in-class group facilitation and panel

Length: Discussion paper: 1000-1200 words: Facilitations: 15-20 minutes

Submission: Discussion paper due before the start of the relevant tutorial via Turnitin on the course LMs

Feedback: via the course LMS

Download the marking rubric here.

For each tutorial from Week 3 through to Week 7, four to five students will be scheduled to submit a Discussion Paper and facilitate and lead group

discussions during their allocated tutorial. (This is not a group assessment, and you are not being asked to work in collaboration. )Groups will be allocated

randomly in Week 2.

Your Discussion Paper is to be divided into 5 sections. Approximate word counts are provided below as a guide. The sections are as follows

1. Summary of the academic reading: In this section, you are expected to write a brief overview of the academic reading for the week identifying the

main arguments and key points covered (approximately 200 words)

2. Summary of the case: In this section you should describe the main features of the case that you had to investigate and reflect on the ethical

dimensions of the problem by applying the scholarly reading for the week to the case. (You are welcome to also include reference to earlier readings.

(approximately 200 words)

3. Critical Reflection: In this section, you are expected to outline the ethical dimensions of the case from a variety of stakeholder perspectives and reflect

on how the academic reading adds to or frames your understanding of the case. This is the most important section in your report and should be the most

substantial (approximately 500 words,

4. Facilitation materials: In this section you will provide at least 3 prompts that you will use to stimulate discussion in your group. These prompts can

include discussion questions but must include at least one visual resource(e.g. a news story or image that you will bring into class for your session)that

you have selected as a result of your reading and tutorial exercises relating to group facilitation (approximately 100 words)

5. Reference List: Provide a full listing of any resources that you have directly used in your work. do NoT cite resources that are not directly used. You

are expected to conform to UNSW’s Harvard referencing conventions. (not included in the word count

Discussion Papers are to be submitted to Turnitin by the start of your tutorial time during your allocated week.(E.g, if you attend the Thursday 4pm tutorial


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