Learning Resources

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Required Resources


Note: Be sure to complete this module’s Discussion before reviewing the Learning Resources.


Benefits of Literacy



Facts and Figures



Supporting Literacy



Optional Resources


Assignment: The Vital Importance of Literacy


After you have watched the video, “Literacy Empowers,” and explored the Web sites and articles focusing on benefits, facts and figures, and supporting literacy, reflect on the following questions:


  • Considering what you have learned about literacy: What are the benefits and impact of literacy, and how can literacy serve as a tool of social equity?
  • Why is literacy an elusive goal, both within the United States and around the world? And, what strategies do you think are most effective in supporting literacy development for each and every human being?


Submit a paper summarizing your responses to the above questions. Use examples to explain the ways your understanding has expanded and/or deepened, and be sure to cite your sources.


Assignment length: 1–2 pages.


Submit this assignment by Day 7 of Week 3. .


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