Matsushita Electric Industrial

In this 21st century, the technology is becoming far more advanced and the digital products are gradually becoming popular among people, many people will consider the basic home appliances as common and might even take it for granted. However, have you ever noticed that you have used before or even now using the appliances produced by— Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd? Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd is a company originated in Osaka, Japan. It is very famous and popular for its home appliances’ products.
Throughout its creation, it has also popularized among different countries in the world. Although its products are mainly focusing on home appliances, its products are very diversified and extensive. The reason is that many people have used its products before and most people are familiar with those products. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd is really having a long history. It is founded before the Second World War, in 1918. During the Second World War, many industries and companies in Japan went bankruptcy. However, for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
, Ltd, it did not enter into the situation of bankruptcy but even recovered quickly after the war. The sales for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd are increasing, for the year 2006; it has reached i?? 8,894. 3 billion ($76,020 million) with 334,402 employees. Founded for almost 100 years and with a large pool of employees, it is still existing and operating successfully. There must be some reasons behind-a good management system. One reason that could not be denied is Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd possesses a good and effective human resources strategy.

It adopts a special hiring and training technique for talents and practices for encouragement of employees. Background Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd. is a huge electronics manufacturer which was established in Osaka, Japan with a creative slogan “Ideas for life”. It was set up by Mr. Konosuke Matsushita in 1918, lamp sockets were the first set of product that produced to the public. In 1927, it produced a bicycle lamp, and this was the first product delivered to the public by using the brand name National.
24 years later, Konosuke went to America and established America market by producing televisions, he signed the electronic techniques cooperation contract with Philips Electronics Ltd, since then Konosuke brought western techniques back to Japan and did the improvement, and thus it has become the largest Japanese electronics producer. There are various brands which are under Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd. such as Panasonic (home appliances for overseas market), National (home devices for Japanese market), Rasonic (home appliances for Chinese market), etc…
In such a success company, it owned 334,402 employees till 31st March, 2006. As managing such big group of employees, Matsushita got its own method by keep improving its Human Resource Management. Personnel Principle Holding a doctrine of, “Developing People before Making Products” as fundamental, Matsushita extends this idealism into three principles to get along with his employees. Firstly, employees can have the opportunity to take part in company’s management, by aiming at “Customer comes first”. Secondly, under “Merit system”, fair evaluation will be made regardless of their internal dimensions.
The last one is “Respecting employees”, since this can create a harmonic atmosphere between them and can help developing a more diverse workforce. As they do not discriminate minorities, i. e. women and disabilities, in which about 1. 8 percent of the whole workforce in Matsushita Japan are people of legally mandated. Besides, Matsushita is highly focused on its occupational safety and health, so compare with other companies of the same industry, it results in a relatively better statistics than the others, i. e. fewer industrial accidents. Matsushita has designed e-Learning intranet based for employees to upgrade themselves online.
Besides, by strengthening employees’ management skill, management courses are encouraged to attend. For the overseas managers, they are assigned to attend human resources development courses in Japan, so that wherever Matsushita is located, it is carrying the same principle and methodology when treating their talents. “Panasonic Spin-up Fund” is a fund established for capable employees to start up a new business, whereas he or she has to remain to be Matsushita employee; until 2003, 19 out of 350 applicants have made good use of his/her talent and run their own businesses successfully.
Hiring and Labour Here are some general practices that Konosuke Matsushita regards as useful ways to cheer the employees on. Let every employee know that his or her position is and try to discuss their performance with them is very important. Besides, it is necessary to praise the employees who have good performances and what they gain should be in proportion of what they achieve. If there is any change, employees should be informed earlier so that they can work efficiently. Moreover, let the employees join the decision making and planning can win their loyalty and dependence.
And telling them how important they are can let them be responsible. Try to know about the employees’ hobbies or habits because the knowledge about them is your capital. When the company pays attention to the suggestions from the employees, it is easier to find out what the problem is. Furthermore, it is better to let everybody know what your idea and explain the aim of what you do because no one likes to know nothing. By doing this, they can understand the company more and can do better. Although being an employee, when you have made a mistake, apology is still needed.
If you try to shirk your responsibility and shift the blame onto others, your employees may look down on you. When you are going to give negative comment about one employee, it is better to point out his or her strong points and show your intention to help. When an employee is dissatisfied, it is necessary to find out the reason and sooth him or her; otherwise, other employees will be affected. Finally, long term targets and short term targets should be set up so that everybody can know their advancement. Last but not least, as an employer, it is a must to protect the right of all the employees and protect them.

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Matsushita Electric Industrial
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