This Discussion topic has multiple parts. Please read and give a thorough response to each part. 

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Original Post

1. Write and post a real world word problem that can be solved using a linear equation in one variable. All of the information necessary to solve the equation must be included in your problem. For examples of such problems, see Exercises 29-48 in Section 6.4 on pages 318 and 319 of your textbook. Feel free to use one of these problems as a model, but you must change names, numbers, details, etc. to make the problem your own… 

2. Use the Procedure To Solve a Word Problem given in Section 6.4 on page 315 of your textbook to write a complete solution to your problem. You only need to complete steps 1 through 6. You do not need to check your solution. See Example 1 on page 315 and use it as a guide. 

Note: there is a very helpful example in Doc Sharing on how to take an example and build a similar one to it to use in your post.    

Example: A rug cleaning service charges a flat fee of $35.00 and a per room fee of $28.00. If the Morgan’s bill was $175 before taxes, how many rooms did they have cleaned?

You are being asked to find the number of rooms that were cleaned. 
Let r = the number of rooms being cleaned. 
If r is the number of rooms being cleaned, then $28.00r would be the cost of cleaning r rooms. 
Flat fee + cost of cleaning r rooms = total bill 
                                       $35 + $28r = $175
Now solve the equation. 
                                            35 + 28r = 175
                                    35 – 35 + 28r = 175 – 35
                                                     28r = 140 
                                                          r = 5

Since r is the number of rooms that were cleaned, you know that the Morgan’s had the rugs in 5 rooms cleaned.

First Response to a Classmate

3. Find a classmate’s problem and solution that has NOT already been checked by a classmate. Show all steps in your check and explain each step as you go. Example 1 on page 315 is one example of a thorough check. If the classmate’s equation does not check, tactfully let the classmate know. 

Example: The total bill is the flat fee plus the per room charge. Total bill = flat fee + per room charge 
……. = $35 + $28(5)
……. = 35 + 140 
……. = $175

The solution to the problem checks.

Second Response to a Classmate

4. Find at least one other post to comment on. Make sure your comments are substantive and advance the Discussion. Do not check a second classmate’s equation. Each of your classmates will also need to check a problem. You can look for opportunities to help another student, give advice on solving a problem a different way, or offer any other substantive comment. 



Leo works in the sales department of a gaming company earning a salary of $800 per week. He also receives a 12% commission on the total amount of sales he makes. What must his total sales be in a week if he is to make a total of $1248?

Must find the total amount of sales made that week.

Total amount of sales for the week.  Sales = s

$800 + 12%(s) = $1248

800 + .12s = 1248

800 – 800 + .12s = 1248 – 800

.12s = 448

.12s/.12 = 448/.12

= 3733.33

Total Sales = $3,733.33

Flea Market Candles by Barbara

Barbara is selling homemaid candles at the local flea market. Determine the cost of a Jar candle before tax if the total cost is $16.50, including a 10% tax.

Let C=cost of the candle before tax

Then 0.10=10% of the cost before tax

Cost of the candle before tax + tax on the candle=16.50





Therefore the candle cost 15.00 before sales tax.




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