Math 301 – Statistics

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Math 301 – Statistics
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  • It is important to understand the difference between discrete and continuous random variables because the statistical analysis of each type of variable is different.
    • In your own words, discuss the differences between discrete and continuous random variables, and provide a real-world example of each type of random variable.
  • Perform the following experiment:
    • Roll a die 20 times, and record the results of each event in Excel. (Note: If you do not have an actual die, you can find a virtual die-rolling program located at the following Web site:
    • Construct a bar graph and probability distribution of your experiment. Attach your results to your Discussion Board posting.
    • Interpret the results of this experiment, answering the following questions:
      • What are the random variables for your experiment? Explain the meaning of your random variables.
      • Do you believe that the results of your experiment are discrete or continuous? Explain.
      • Is your experiment a probability distribution? In other words, are all conditions of a probability distribution satisfied? Explain.
      • Is your experiment a binomial probability distribution? Explain if all conditions are met or not.


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