Marketing Strategies of Godrej

Godrej Marketing strategies of Godrej UNIT-1 INTRODUCTION Marketing is defined by American Marketing Association [AMA] as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. ” Broadly “marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they want through creating and exchanging value with others. ” Marketing has always been one of the most important and decisive tool in determining the sales and success of a particular company.
Marketing does not only include advertising and publicizing about a particular product or service, but also means keeping up with the changing trends in the market and customer tastes and preferences. Thus, it includes the 4 P’s of marketing namely PRODUCT, PRICING, PROMOTION and PLACE (DISTRIBUTION). This project is based on the marketing strategies adopted by Godrej Company with reference to Godrej Interio & Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL). Godrej Interio is the largest company in the Rs 3000 crore organized furniture market. It has been upgrading its products to match the consumer’s tastes and preferences.
GCPL became the first company in the world to develop the technology to manufacture soap with vegetable oils; that spirit of innovation has continued throughout the organization’s history. Today Godrej is delivering consumers exciting innovations across a spectrum of businesses. Objectives and scope a) To study the marketing strategies of Godrej Interio & Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. b) To study the expansion of Godrej group by adopting the diversification strategy. c) To study the 4 P’s of marketing in relation to the steps taken by Godrej. Product: new product lines introduced and diversification of products. ? Price: kind of pricing adopted and comparison with other manufacturers. ? Place: manufacturing plants, wholesalers, retail outlets. ? Promotion: promotion and advertising of the products of the group. d) To conduct a SWOT analysis to list out the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the group. e) To study the profitability of various products of the group. f) To compare and analyze the products of the group with the major competitors in the market segment.

The performance of any company in an industry is dependent on various micro and macro environmental factors, this projects extends to the marketing aspects of the group, the profitability of various products manufactured by the group, the various strategic alternatives adopted by the group since its inception to increase their market share. Methodology 1) The data collected for the study of marketing strategies of Godrej & Boyce group is largely secondary data which will be taken with the help of Google search engine, websites related to the products of the group, text books, magazines and newspapers. ) The help of Godrej outlets and marketing team members of the group will be taken to understand the strategies of the company. 3) Various tables, graphs, matrix and ratios will be used to analyze the profitability, growth and market share of the company. Limitations a) The study is only related to a particular company in the industry. b) The information to be used in this project is secondary as it will be taken from newspapers, internet and magazines. The ratios, graphs and tables are based on my observations and do not refer to the views of experts in the industry in general.
Hence, there may be chances of discrepancies in the observations. c) The prices of various products to be mentioned are subject fluctuation depending on the sales, discounts, state and period. UNIT-2 INDUSTRY PROFILE Furniture and Interiors Industry in India The furniture industry in India is estimated to be worth Euro 5 Billion. Within this, the wooden furniture accounts for Euro 750 million. Of this the imported furniture market is currently worth Euro 75 million and is growing at 50 – 60% each year.
The furniture sector in India only makes a marginal contribution to the GDP, representing about 0. 5 per cent of the total GDP. The major part of this industry is in the informal sector that is, about 85%. The remaining 15% is in the formal sector and is made up of manufactures and importers catering to the various segment of the industry. Some of the major segments in furniture industry are Residential, Office, Contract and Institutional. There are other segments also based on the application (Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, etc. or on the raw material (wooden, plastic, metal, bamboo, etc). These industry segments includes big payers from the formal sector such as Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd. , BP Ergo, Featherlite, Haworth, Style Spa, Yantra, Renaissance, Millenium Lifestyles, Durian, Kian, Tangent, Furniture Concepts, Furniturewala, Zuari, Truzo, N R Jasani & Company, V3 Engineers, PSL Modular Furniture, etc. According to one market survey home improvements (38%) and leisure holidays (37%) as the two pursuits Indian consumers are willing to indulge in.
Many of the world’s leading home fashion brands are available in India through domestic retail outlets. Interior decorating is a burgeoning industry in India. Though formerly seen as a facet of architecture, the growing middle class has caused an increased demand for custom-designed decor and furnishings. This extends from residential design to other sectors, such as public offices and retail centers. As of 2010, India is faced with the challenge of introducing new interior design education options that will not only increase the number of professional esigners in the country, but also set guidelines for practicing environmentally and socially responsible design. The major competitors of Godrej Interio are • Zuari • Alder • Greaken • Durien • Vista INDUSTRY PROFILE OF CONSUMER PRODUCTS IN INDIA FMCG industry, alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods) industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval.
Some of the prime activities of FMCG industry are selling, marketing, financing, purchasing, etc. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management. FMCG industry provides a wide range of consumables and accordingly the amount of money circulated against FMCG products is also very high. The competition among FMCG manufacturers is also growing and as a result of this, investment in FMCG industry is also increasing, specifically in India, where FMCG industry is regarded as the fourth largest sector with total market size of US$13. billion. FMCG Sector in India is estimated to grow 60% by 2010. FMCG industry is regarded as the largest sector in New Zealand which accounts for 5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Common FMCG products Some common FMCG product categories include food and dairy products, glassware, paper products, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, packaged food products, plastic goods, printing and stationery, household products, photography, drinks etc. and some of the examples of FMCG products are coffee, tea, dry cells, greeting cards, gifts, detergents, tobacco and igarettes, watches, soaps etc. Market potentiality of FMCG industry Some of the merits of FMCG industry, which made this industry as a potential one, are low operational cost, strong distribution networks, presence of renowned FMCG companies. Population growth is another factor which is responsible behind the success of this industry. Leading FMCG companies Some of the well known FMCG companies are Sara Lee, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Kleenex, General Mills, Pepsi and Mars etc. UNIT-3 Godrej profile
The Godrej Group is one of the respected business houses of India. The group has diverse business interests ranging from engineering to personal care products. Companies operating under the Godrej Group are involved in a host of businesses – from locks and safes to typewriters and word processors, from refrigerators and furniture to machine tools and process equipment, from engineering workstations to cosmetics and detergents, from edible oils and chemicals to agro products. Godrej Group is also well-known for its philosophy and initiation of labour reforms. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
Godrej Consumer Products is a leading player in the Indian FMCG market with interests in personal, hair, household and fabric care segments. Godrej Consumer Products is the largest marketer of toilet soaps in the country with leading brands such as Cinthol, Fairglow, and Godrej No 1. The company is also leader in the hair colour category in India and offers a vast product such as Godrej Renew Coloursoft Liquid Hair Colours, Godrej Liquid & Powder Hair Dyes to Godrej Kesh Kala Oil, Nupur based Hair Dyes. Its liquid detergent brand Ezee is the market leader in its category.
Godrej Interio Godrej Interio, the furniture arm of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd is the largest company in the Rs 300 crore organized furniture market with a market share of 20%. It offers home and office furniture along with solutions for laboratories, hospitals and health care establishments and education and training institutes. In view of growing competition, Godrej & Boyce has been upgrading its products more often to keep up with consumer’s tastes and preferences History In 1897 a young man named Ardeshir Godrej gave up law and turned to lock making.
Its founder, Ardeshir Godrej, was a staunch nationalist and believed that India cannot win freedom unless it is economically self-reliant Ardeshir went on to make safes and security equipment of highest order, and in 1930 he stunned the world by creating toilet soap from vegetable oil. His brother Pirojsha Godrej carried Ardeshir’s dream forward, leading Godrej towards becoming a vibrant, multi-business enterprise. Pirojsha laid the foundation for the sprawling industrial garden township (ISO 14001-certified) now called Pirojshanagr in suburbs of Mumbai.
In the 1944 Mumbai docks blast, Godrej safes were the only security equipment whose contents were unharmed; an equal level of product quality continues to be expected from every product bearing the Godrej brand name. Godrej management understands that the company’s greatest asset is the trust and faith that customers place in it, and recognizes that the company must continue to earn this trust. This translates to the organization delivering outstanding quality and value in everything it does. Godrej’s ethical and visionary practices have allowed the company to successfully expand into a number of businesses.
COMPANY OUTLOOK: Started in 1897 as locks manufacturing company, the Godrej Group is today one of the most accomplished and diversified business houses in India. Godrej’s success has been driven by the company’s commitment to delivering innovation and excellence. Through the consistent application of this commitment and a century of ethical business conduct, Godrej has earned an unparalleled reputation for trust and reliability. In 1930, Godrej became the first company in the world to develop the technology to manufacture soap with vegetable oils; that spirit of innovation has continued throughout the organization’s history.
Today Godrej is delivering consumers exciting innovations across a spectrum of businesses. The company’s pursuit of excellence is equally well established and enduring. In the 1944 Mumbai docks blast, Godrej safes were the only security equipment whose contents were unharmed; an equal level of product quality continues to be expected from every product bearing the Godrej brand name. Godrej management understands that the company’s greatest asset is the trust and faith that consumers have reposed in it, and recognizes that the company must continue to earn this trust.
This translates to the organization delivering outstanding quality and value in everything it does. Godrej’s ethical and visionary practices have allowed the company to successfully expand Into a number of businesses. Today Godrej is a leading manufacturer of goods and provide of services in a multitude of categories: home appliances, consumer durables, consumer products, industrial products, and agri products to name a few. A recent estimate suggested that 350 million people across India use Godrej products.
The group has more recently entered the real estate and information technology sectors, and management views these as avenues for enormous growth. The Godrej Group stands in a strong position today. With annual sales in excess of $1 billion, a workforce of approximately 18,000, and a strong diversified portfolio, Godrej has proven its ability to deliver strong financial performance. Board of Directors J. N. Godrej (Chairman and Managing Director), A. B. Godrej, N. B. Godrej, V. M. Crishna, K. N. Petigara, B. A. Hathikhanavala, F. P. Sarkari, P. D. Lam, K. A. Palia and P. P. Shah Hierarchy
Personal department comprises of four employees- one deputy and 3seniors under him. Over all there are 19 plants make all different products like security systems, locks, doors, etc. Each of this plant is considered as a separate profit making center. Profits made by each of the plants are accounted for separately in its Annual report also. Management. Different levels of management are as follows: A – Base level of management In this level, new-entrants are trained about the various levels of the department’s – Operation – Promotion of product – Technical – Sales – This level consists of owners and M. D.
Each of this level consists of three sub-sections, through which each employee has to pass to reach a higher level. An employee, before moving into the next level, he has to be in each sub section for at least two years. Products and pricing of Godrej Interio Bedroom concept ? RoyaleLinea Matt ? ZurinaSquadro ? FionaLinea Glossy ? Adrianasquadron ? EROSFlutter ? MegnusChloey ? PeareMorpheus ? Dark chocolat Price Starts from Rs 450000 to 1200000 and more [pic] Living room concept ? Coffee tables ? Sofas ? Living Room concepts Price Price starts from Rs 280000 to 800000 and more. [pic] Cupboards ? Fanfasia ? Kreation ? Similire miror ZS Slimline with locker & drawer Price Price starts from Rs 1000 to 32000 for steel cupboards and Rs 25000 to 100000 for wooden cupboards [pic] Beds ? ESCAPeare Bed ? AristaVienna Bed ? OpelWilmer Bed ? Eudora BedRoyal Bed ? Megnus BedZurina Bed ? OscarEros Bed ? Thrill Hastel BedWindsor Bed ? Zeal Hastel BedFlute Bed Price Beds price starts from Rs 29000 to 210000 and more. [pic] Study Room ? Computer furniture ? Genius study centre • ACE • Genius study centers • Talent Price Study room price starts from Rs 10000 to 70000 [pic] Dining room ? Dining rooms ? Dining chairs ? Multi purpose chairs ? Tables They also provide dining room concepts
Price Dining room concept- Rs 180000 to Rs 300000 Dining table sets – Rs 17000 to 200000 [pic] Kitchen ? Accessories units ? Kitchen layouts ? Shade cards They also provide kitchen concepts Price Price depends on sq. feet of area [pic] Home Accessories ? Potpourri ? Candles and incense sticks ? Bean bags Price Price starts from Rs 2000 to 20000 [pic] Office ? Desking ? Work stations ? Seating ? Green product ? Storage Price Price depends on space [pic] Lab products ? Anti vibration tables ? Fume-woods ? Chem storage cabinets ? Safety equipment [pic] Mattress ? Coir mattress ? Latex Mattress ? Spring mattress ? Bed accessories Price
Price of single mattress starts from Rs 8000 to 70000 and the price of double mattress starts from Rs 12000 to 80000 [pic] Carpets They provide various carpets in different colours [pic] Tactical pricing strategies used by Godrej Interio ? Differential pricing strategy ? Product bundle pricing ? Value pricing Targeted segmentation 1) Demographic a) Occupation 2) Psychographic b) Social class c) Lifestyle 3) Behavioral a) User status b) Purchase occasion c) Attitude towards product or service Distribution Channels They have 150 showrooms in 21 cities. They also have 800 dealer outlets. West ~ Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Pune, Bhopal, Raipur.
East ~ Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna, Guwahahti, Bhubaneshwar. North ~ Delhi, Chandigarh, Faridabad-Gaziabad, Luknow, Jaipur. South ~ Kochi, Vizag, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore Godrej distributes its products from head quarters located at Piroishanager Vikhroli Mumbai Sales promotion ? Discounts and offers offered by Godrej interio for New Year. [pic] ? Exchange offer by Godrej [pic] Interio’s Green initiatives • Use of natural lighting in plants saving upto 15% power. • Recycling of water with reverse osmosis plant • Effective utilization of in-process water. • Sale of hazardous wastes only to “pollution control board” authorized parties.
Community Development Godrej was one of the nation’s first corporate houses to initiate worker welfare programs. They support the Indian heritage society in Mumai. They also established schools at Udayachal. Godrej Interio partners with Anjaana Anjaani Godrej interio a well known name in home and office furniture and Godrej portal for online gaming, virtual reality and social networking both have entered into exciting associations with the movie Anjaana Anjaani. The two Godrej product offerings rewarded their lucky customers with a special meeting with the stars of the movie Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in Mumbai on 1st October 2010.
Godrej consumer products Ltd Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) is a major player in the Indian FMCG market with Leadership in personal, hair, household and fabric care segments. The company employs 950 people and has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Malanpur (M. P. ) Guwahati (Assam) and Baddi (H. P. ). Their focus is on providing our customers with innovative, value for money solutions for meeting their daily needs and improving the quality of their life. This is achieved through the brands the company markets.
They are among the largest marketer of toilet soaps in the country with leading brands such as CINTHOL, FAIRGLOW, and GODREJ NO 1. Their FAIRGLOW brand, India’s first Fairness soap, has created marketing history as one of the most successful innovations. They are the leader in the hair colour category in India and have a vast product range from GODREJ RENEW COLOURSOFT LIQUID HAIR COLOURS; GODREJ LIQUID & POWDER HAIR DYES to GODREJ KESH KALA OIL, NUPUR based Hair Dyes. Their Liquid Detergent brand EZEE is the market leader in its category.
They are also the preferred supplier for contract manufacturing of toilet soaps be some of the most well-known brands in the country. They are supported in our endeavour by a state-of-the-art Research Centre based in Mumbai. Their quality products have been received very well in the international market and they are present in more than — countries across the world. They are an Equal Opportunity Employer and offer very rewarding career opportunities to People who join them. They have adopted the Total Quality Management system and our factories have received ISO certifications.
Established in 1990 by Brian Boyce and Vicki Dryden Wyatt, Keyline Brands Ltd was acquired by the Godrej Group in October 2005. Keyline operates in the toiletries and personal care sector, and its portfolio includes a number of important niche brands, some of which are household names such as Cuticura, Aapri, Erasmic and Nulon. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) acquisition of the South African business of Rapidol, U. K. as well as its subsidiary Rapidol International gives the company ownership of strong ethnic hair colour brands like ‘INECTO’ and ‘SOFLENE’ in ten countries.
It also gives GCPL an opportunity to enhance its global presence through the Modern Trade Network and the ownership of customer listings of the INECTO and SOFLENE brands. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL), one of India’s leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies acquired Godrej Global Mideast FZE on October 1, 2007. [pic] Godrej Global Mideast FZE is a 100% subsidiary of Godrej International Limited. It was established in Sharjah with the objective of distributing Godrej FMCG products in the Middle East.
It has a strong network of distributors and sales personnel in countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. Godrej SCA Hygiene Limited is a Joint Venture Company between SCA Hygiene Products AB, Sweden, (SCA) and Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) It will manufacture and market paper based absorbent hygiene products, specifically sanitary napkins and baby diapers, in India, Nepal and Bhutan. SCA and Godrej Consumer Products Limited will be equal partners in the Joint Venture. FEW BRANDS REVIEW WITH PERFORMANCE Godrej renew:
Renew cream hair colour is a breakthrough formulation from the Godrej Hair Care Institute, a centre dedicated to the art and science of hair care in India. The renew cream hair colour is specially designed to give vivid colours on Indian hair so that the new Renew conditions your hair, not once but twice. Thus you get twice the shine and softness. New Renew cream hair colour contains Aloe + Protein conditioners that protect and revitalize your hair while you colour it. The special after colour conditioner provides nourishment and moisture to your coloured hair, giving it a healthy shine.
Renew transforms your hair and personality effortlessly. The rich, non-drip formulation is so easy to apply that it makes hair colouring a real pleasure. Renew spreads evenly on your hair to give a rich attractive colour all over that lasts for a long time. Renew cream hair colour is available in two sizes. 50ml priced at Rs. 65 (after a price discount of Rs. 15) and the new 20ml pack priced at a never before Rs. 35 (after a price discount of Rs. 5). The bigger pack is sufficient for colouring shoulder length hair and offers a range of attractive shades viz.
Natural Black, Natural Brown, Burgundy, Light Brown, Light Golden Brown and CINNAMON RED (New shade). Renew 20ml is specially formulated for men and women with short hair. The new Renew 20ml pack is also ideal for touch ups. This means that you use and pay only for the quantity that you require. Now that’s a great colour at a great value. The 20ml pack is available in popular colours – Natural Black and Burgundy. About Godrej Hair Care Institute (GHCI) The Godrej Hair Care Institute is dedicated to the art and science of hair care.
Set up by Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL), the leaders in the hair colouring business in India, GHCI’s key objectives are to; Promote the cause of hair care in India, Develop products to meet the unique needs of Indian consumers, Bring international quality products within easy reach of Indian consumers, Break attitude barriers, Change perceptions and create an Understanding in the consumer about hair care and Provide a knowledge base and hands-on experience to Indian professionals through world-class hair care educational programmes. Renew Highlights:
Renew Highlights is a breakthrough formulation from the Godrej Hair Care Institute, a centre dedicated to the art and science of hair care in India. Renew Highlights is a specially formulated kit that can give vivid highlights on Indian hair so that it enhances your personality. It can also be used on previously coloured hair. The special after colour conditioner provides nourishment and moisture to your coloured hair, giving it a healthy shine. You can use it at home without the hassles of going to a salon. Renew Highlights transforms your hair and personality effortlessly.
The rich, non-drip formulation is so easy to apply that it makes hair highlighting a real pleasure. Renew Highlights is available in 2 vibrant shades – Blonde and Red. The product is so versatile that you can get a range of shades from a dramatic look to a subtle look by varying the time. Thus you can easily get the look that you desire. You can vary the timings to get a range of shades from Luminous Copper to Vivid Gold through the Blonde Highlights kit and from Red Burgundy to Vivid Red Streaks through the Red Highlights Kit.
Renew Highlights is available at an unbelievable price of Rs. 125. “From just wanting to camouflage grey hair, colouring has evolved to a fashion and grooming accessory. There is growing awareness and appeal of different techniques of enhancing hair. The launch of Renew Highlights now offers the convenience of highlighting one’s hair within the comforts of your home. Its attractive price point of Rs. 125 will allow consumers all over the country and from all socio-economic backgrounds to transform their hair and personality in a jiffy. ” All Renew Hair color Products:
Renew Powder Hair Colour • Uses Water as its developer. • Easy to apply and does not drip. • Gives natural colour to hair from root to tip. • Ensures 100% grey coverage [pic][pic][pic] Godrej No. 1 Godrej No. 1, the flagship brand of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. , is now the largest selling Grade I Soap in India. Grade 1 is the highest quality standard laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Grade 1 soap is a soap which has a minimum TFM (Total Fatty Matter) content of 76% and also has the least number of additives, thus making it a pure soap.
In a similar manner, depending on the TFM content and the level of additives present in the soap, they can be further classified as Grade 2, Grade 3 as well as Bathing Bars. Consumer Feedback: -“The name of my Godrej product is Godrej No. 1 Ayurvedic soap (healthy skin). By using this Soap i feel my skin starts to glow and I think it also helps in cleaning my skin complexion. Your Product is very good…. — Mohsina Khan (M. P. ) -“The True Natural Beauty” Godrej No. 1 soap available in six fragrances is a wonderful product by Godrej.
The soap lasts longer. Many soaps from Sunlight to Lifebouy have come in market but Godrej No. 1 Sandal is a soap with difference. Congratulations to the R&D team of Godrej !!! — Ghanshyam Bahadur Singh (U. P. ) – Hi I have been using your Godrej No. 1 Sandal soap for some time now. I came to know the Goodness of this soap from my mother who has been using it for many years now. After constant use I have seen that your soap makes my skin soft and smooth. Thank u very much for discovering such a good product I will never stop using this soap. – David Majhi (Hooghly) -We lived in India for two years and its been a few years now since we left India. We miss India terribly. But the strangest thing is we miss your Godrej No. 1- Sandal soap the most. We feel your product Godrej No. 1- Sandal is the nicest soap we have ever tried. — Bonne Wagenaar (Netherlands) -I used your Godrej No. 1 Ayurvedic some for a month and felt the difference. I no more get pimples when I use this soap. Even my marks have reduced. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop using this soap. — Pushpa (Nagpur) – Godrej No. 1 is really No. in my opinion. I have been using it for a long time and I am highly satisfied with this soap because of its good quality and reasonable price. — Gaurav – Hi I have been using your No. 1 sandal soap for quite some time now. Its a beautiful soap and not so costly as all the other soaps in the sandal variant. This soap is real value for money. — Mayura (Mumbai) Godrej Expert hair dye Godrej powder hair dye, the flagship brand of GCPL and market leader in the hair of colourants has won the most trusted brand award, from reader’s digest in the colour category. About product:
Godrej powder hair dye, is the world’s largest selling hair dye, trusted and used by millions everyday. With its decades of expertise and unparalleled understanding of Indian hair godrej expert now brings to you 5 experts benefits to get youthful looking hair. Expert’s benefits: ?????? Colour lock formulation: It ensures uniform color absorbtion in each strand of hair and gives you longer lasting 100% grey coverage. ?????? Shampoo based dye: It helps in convenient and easy application of color. This dye spreads evenly through your hair right to its root and leaves your hair soft, young and natural. ????? No ammonia: It assures gentle and safe dying of your hair. ?????? Nourishing conditioner: It makes hair luxury, soft, silky and shiny. ?????? Perfume: It gives you pleasant fragrance. It is available in 2 convenient sizes- a 3gm sachet for men and 6gm sachet for women which is adequate for long hair. Facts: • Every second 6 experts sachet are purchased in India . • If all sachets GCPL sold in year 2007-08 are lined up , they would more than cover entire parameter of India . • If all experts cartoons GCPL were to be stacked the height would 300 times of that Mt.
Everest. Godrej researches spent decades in researching for hair color solutions to youthful looking hair. Researchers experienced understanding of the unique hair colouring needs of Indian men and women, they continuously strive to develop products and solutions that ensure youthful looking hair. It is their appreciation and trust that has propelled godrej expert to use by millions everyday. The expert offers consumers 5 benefits which ensures that your hair looks young and so that young at heart can also look young for longer.
With its unique and innovative color lock formulation the color is absorbed uniformly in each and every strand of your hair thus ensuring a longer lasting 100% grey coverage. So godrej expert has unique solution to combat effectively and ensure 100% grey coverage. It is available in super convenient powder form with a wick presence in 22lakh outlets across the nation – so you can find right near you. When it comes to looking younger trust the expertise of godrej expert – expert solutions to younger looking you. Cinthol Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. major player in the Indian FMCG Market with leadership in the personal care, hair care and fabric care categories, today unleashed 24-hour Confidence with the launch of the new, improved and expanded Cinthol range of soap, talc and deo with Bollywood’s hottest hunk Hrithik Roshan as the new brand ambassador. Cinthol the popular and much-loved brand of Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), now offers a Deo range of soaps, talc and deo sprays in three exciting fragrances – Classic, Cologne and Sport in a trendy new packaging.
It also offers Cinthol fresh soap and Cinthol Regular soap with new exciting packaging. The eye-catching and vibrant packaging symbolizes a sense of adventure, zest and action. Speaking at the launch, Mrs. Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and President (Marketing) Godrej Industries, said “The new Cinthol range is a result of research with consumers and stands for Confidence of Achievers who constantly strive to realize their aspirations without stopping. Cinthol give them 24-Hour Confidence and enables them to lead a “Don’t Stop Life”. Hrithik Roshan with his boundless energy and passion to excel was our obvious and most appropriate choice for Brand Ambassador. He exudes Confidence and doesn’t stop till he meets the high benchmarks he sets for himself. ” Cinthol Brand Ambassador, Hrithik Roshan added, “It’s an honour for me to be associated with a brand like Cinthol which has such a strong legacy. As Cinthol is all about 24- Hour confidence, energy and a ‘Don’t Stop’ attitude it was very natural for me to associate with this brand.
Its in perfect sync with my lifestyle & attitude” The new Cinthol range brings 24-Hour Confidence through Active Deo Formula, which controls body odor, Powerful Dry Shield that absorbs sweat, Ultra Scent Technology for long lasting fragrance and Freshness that revitalizes you 24×7. The New Cinthol range will be available across the country at modern retail and other outlets and will be supported by high-impact advertising on television, print, out-door, online and radio. In a significant move, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd is currently test-marketing ‘Cinthol Skin Stimulating Deo Soap’ in West Bengal and Gujarat.
Depending on the consumer response, the company can going to plans a national roll-out of the new product in the near future. Godrej aim to provide consumers with their new technological breakthrough soap that has skin-stimulating beads producing essential oil. The company is also planning to beef up its distribution network by an additional 15 per cent—includes both urban and rural markets—within a year. At present, the company has around 2,000 distributors across the country.
Researches revealed that the company are also planning to extend our on-going customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives called ‘Collaborative Planning, Forecasting And Replenishments (CPFAR) to additional distributors in the near future. Thus, they will reduce our inventory levels by 10 per cent. ” They have also released an advertising campaign with a new tagline called ‘Get Ready’ to promote their existing product ‘Cinthol Lime Fresh’ in West Bengal and Gujarat. In the near future, they will be nationally rolling out an advertising campaign for this product as well.
Cinthol Lime Fresh is the largest urban lime soap brand and its psychographic research has revealed a high correlation with the vitality segment. For the purpose, the company’s ad budget this year will grow by an additional 10 per cent, compared to the previous year. According to experts, at present, Cinthol operates in three categories and its contribution to topline is soaps 92 per cent, talcum powders 6 per cent, and deodorants two per cent. The size of the total soap market is 4. 2 lakh metric tonnes. • Industry Scenario – FMCG sector growth continues to be satisfactory Strong GDP growth & good economic fundamentals – Vegetable oil prices high but show declining trend – Rupee weakened versus the USD • The Company has one business segment in which it operates viz. Personal & Household Care OPERATIONS DOMESTIC BUSINESS Soaps • Soap sales expanded by 26% to Rs. 183. 4 crore from Rs. 145. 3 crore during the quarter . • GCPL continues to be the second largest toilet soaps player with a market share of 9. 5% for Q2 FY20010-11 Hair Colorants • Launched a new range of colours, in ammonia free powder and liquids, under the ‘Godrej Expert Hair colour’ brand Formulation incorporates colour balance technology which delivers a uniform shade to every strand of hair – Powder range is available in 4 shades –Gentle Black, Burgundy, Dark Brown and Natural Brown each priced at Rs. 10 per sachet – The liquid form is available in 3 shades – Gentle Black, Dark Brown and Natural Brown. • This offers a quality colour brand at an affordable price • Overall market share of the Company stood at 33. 7% for the quarter under review Liquid Detergents • Launched a new range of detergent, Ezee Bright and Soft Product possess a unique Colour Guard Technology which protects the colours of the clothes – Available in 3 sizes – 500 g pack, 200 g pack and 18 g sachet Toiletries • All offerings including the Cinthol range of talc and deo sprays and Godrej Deluxe shaving cream continue to deliver strong growth • New range of Cinthol Deo Sprays launched in compact 75ml bottles. Category endorsed by popular Bollywood star and youth icon Hrithik Roshan Q2 Highlights Key initiatives during Q2 FY1011 • Soaps – Market share for Q2 FY 10-11 is 9. 5 %. – Cinthol Deo Musk Soap Launched – Price Increase effected Hair Colours – Market share for Q2 FY 10-11 is 33. 7%. – Godrej Expert Hair Powder Hair Colour launched in 4 shades – Burgundy, Gentle black, Natural Brown & Dark Brown • Liquid Detergents – Market share for Q2 FY 10-11 is 77. 1%. – Ezee Bright & Soft Liquid Detergent launched with Colour Guard Technology for non woolen clothes INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Godrej Netherlands B. V. (Consolidated) – Comprises performance of Godrej Netherlands BV, Godrej Consumer Products (UK) Limited, Keyline Brands Limited, Inecto Limited & Inecto Manufacturing Limited) • Revenue for the quarter was GBP 7. million compared to GBP 6. 4 million in the same quarter of the previous year . • PAT for the quarter stood at GBP 0. 3 million in Q2 FY2008-09. • The “Cuticura” Hand Hygiene range was relaunched, featuring new products such as Hand Foamer, Kids Foamer, Kids wipes and Crackling Mousse • The hair color brand “Hint of Tint” was launched in Canada. • Bio Oil achieved a “Signature Brand Status” in Boots – one of the highest rated qualifications for a product finding excellent consumer franchise. Rapidol Pty Ltd. • Sales for the quarter were ZAR 21. 7 million as compared to ZAR 20. 50 million in the same quarter of the previous year . • PAT for the quarter was ZAR 2. 6 million compared to ZAR 1. 3 million in Q2 FY2007-08 . • Inecto” – Super Black, the largest selling hair color sub-brand in Rapidol portfolio launched its 30 Years Birthday celebrations promotions achieving a record growth in sales during the quarter. • Launched two new colors under the “Inecto” Powder Hair Colors (PHC) range. The new colors Natural Brown and Auburn have been extremely successful. Kinky Group Proprietary Ltd. “Renew” Hair Colors marketed and distributed by Rapidol in South Africa for GCPL, has found excellent support Godrej Global Mideast FZE (GGME) • GGME is a 100% subsidiary of Godrej International Ltd and distributes its soaps, hair colours and toiletries in the GCC and other adjacent countries • Sales for the quarter under review were AED 2. 4 million • New Cinthol Deo Spray launched is rolling out successfully in to new markets of GCC and the Middle East and getting new listing in retail chains Kinky Group (Proprietary) Ltd. (Kinky) • This represented the second quarter of performance of the Company as a subsidiary of GCPL.
For the quarter under review the Company’s sales amounted to ZAR 22. 45 million. • Kinky sells a variety of products which include hair braids, hair pieces, wigs and wefted pieces along with hair accessories like styling gels, hair sprays and oil free shampoo. • Kinky products are manufactured at plants located in South Africa at Johannesburg and Durban and the final products are sold through cash n carry outlets and owned stores. • Opened a new “Kinky” Owned store in King Williams town, which became the 17th Owned Store for the Company.
This was in quick succession to the 16th Owned store that was opened in the previous quarter after GCPL’s acquisition of the “Kinky” business. Owned Store model for the “Kinky” business is the driver for the image of the “Kinky” products, service to the consumers, pricing power and execution of high standard of merchandising which differentiates “Kinky” from the rest of the brands in this category. Installed new Information Technology systems, including Syspro and upgrading hardware as well as connectivity between factories and the H. O. and between H. O. and the Owned retail stores.
Tied-up strong suppliers for raw material from China to ensure sufficient stocks to meet the growth plans • The Company increased prices to match up with sharp increase in input costs which were rising in Q 1 and Q 2 and the Rand depreciating vs. US $. Godrej Consumer Products Limited. (GCPL) is one of the leading companies in the Indian FMCG market with presence in the personal and household care products. It is also one of the largest marketers of toilet soaps in the country with leading brands such as Cinthol, Godrej Fairglow and Godrej No. 1. The Company has manufacturing acilities at Malanpur (Madhya Pradesh) Baddi- Thana (Himachal Pradesh), Baddi- Katha (Himachal Pradesh), Sikkim and Guwahati (Assam). With the acquisition of 100% ownership of Keyline Brands Limited, a FMCG Company in the United Kingdom, GCPL now owns international brands and trademarks in developed markets that include Europe, Australia and Canada. The acquisition of Rapidol (Pty. ) Ltd. , South Africa has given GCPL ownership of Inecto and other brands in several African countries. GCPL has a 50:50 joint venture with SCA Hygiene Products AB, Sweden, known as Godrej SCA Hygiene Limited.
GCPL acquired Godrej Global Mideast FZE, a 100% subsidiary of Godrej International Limited. GCPL completed the acquisition of Kinky Group (Proprietary) Ltd. , one of the leaders in the South African hair business. With this GCPL gains entry into a new line of business in the hair product portfolio. Chapter4: SWOT analysis SWOT analysis of Godrej Interio STRENGTHS: • The company has wide range of branches within the country • The company has wide range of product line • It has a respectable and believable brand name • It has large number of customers with higher satisfaction
WEAKNESS: • The company does not go for advertising which is one the biggest disadvantages of Godrej interio. • Manpower is less at the sales officers level which directly effects on sales of the company. • Lack of effective selling schemes like payment on installments etc. • The sales force is not properly trained. OPPURTUNITIES: • Godrej has more opportunities to grow as it has earned a good market share in the country • Technical up gradation from time to time is also one of the opportunities THREATS: • Growing competition in the furniture sector is a threat for Godrej

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