Market environment audit

Table of Contents Executive Summary Dawson Falls Is a luxury lodge and has a high quality Swiss themed restaurant, also Is a part of the Segment national park Dawson Falls provide different room theme beside the lodge for the people who love to enjoy the natural 100% but good environment required as well. Dawson Falls aim to create “A memorable experience of blending In the pure natural New Zealand day and night. ” This report Is written to Identify marketing audit from marketing environment, customer analysis, competitor analysis and external analysis factors.
This marketing audit is going to talk about from racketing environment, marketing strategy, marketing organization, marketing systems, marketing functions, customer analysis, competitor analysis and external analysis. There is a strong competition between Dawson Falls and Mountain House Lodge, both lodges are located on the foot of Mat Tirana. Compete from location, service and facilities few aspects and each organization has its own strength. However Dawson Falls Is more focus on innovation, service levels and marketing macro and micro environment and so on.
Dawson Falls designed their strategies accordingly from the target market segments, try to meet their needs and wants by offering the high quality Swiss style food, dcore and exclusive atmosphere. Changes of external environmental factors can aid or hinder the operations of the lodge, the major external Influences are of a legal nature this Is because of the tight regulation imposed by DOC and regards to any alterations to improve the building or renovate to increase business through the addition of extra rooms or bigger restaurant.

The audit that has been conducted has created valuable insight to the operations for Dawson Falls, It has created opportunity for them to develop or alter strategies to teeter position themselves within a gap in the market and create a feasible market share for themselves that is both constant and growing. The recommendation that I can make is to hire an external marketing manager to overlook any plans that is made by the owners to keep control of the marketing within the company but have a professional act as a consultant on any material put out to the public.
Marketing Environment Task Environment Tirana Market Over the past few weeks, travel experience provider Experience Oz has been polling “Top Destination to Experience. ” Judged on natural highlights, culture, history, activities, and unique geographical and architectural features and not being over- commercialese, Tirana came out as the overall winner. (Tirana, 2014). Tirana region offers a huge range of outdoor activities. You can take a gentle stroll through cool native forest or embark on a multi-day hike.
There’s river rafting, ocean surfing, and winter snow sports in Tirana, New Zealand. (New Zealand, n. D. ). 104. 127 people usually live in Tirana Region. This is an increase of 1269 people, or 1. 2 percent, since the 2001 Census. (New Zealand statistics , 2009). Within this region 4. 5% of people have an annual income of $20000 or less, it’s above national average 43. 2%. (New Zealand statistics , 2009). This gives an expected target market and their financial status would support them become the loyalty guests. Customers As the result from segments evaluation ( Appendix A, table 1 . ), the potential target people for Dawson Falls will be VALES type if experiences and thinkers, both are local residents and tourists. Both types of target people are well educated, mature and seek variety and excitement. They require higher levels of what they purchasing and old like to experience differentiate things than others. This is what Dawson Falls will provide to public and the unique selling point as well. The reason that chosen the segments as they are impulsive consumers and their energy finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. Strategic Business Insights, n. D. ). The limited supply and the seasonal nature of the tourist market in Tirana, New Zealand will effectively impact on Dawson Falls business. Competitors Out of few businesses around Segment National Park the Mountain House Lodge is he main competitor of Dawson Falls, referred through location, scale, food menu and target people these aspects. Conklin Lodge and Training Lodge are other indirect competitors that potentially share the same target market from the hospitality industry points of view.
The reason that those three businesses may be the competitors is they have few similar or even better features and facilities then what Dawson Falls. (Appendix B) Distributors Channels Due to the special location of Dawson Falls personal selling is hardly achieved. But by being a lodge in the famous national park the main distribution channels will be ailing agents and Internet. The great opportunity of direct selling is corporate with local agent and recommend the lodge to the guests and work with international booking system.
Suppliers Bidets for food and beverage supply in order to providing an opportunity for Dawson Falls to achieve the best quality Swiss cuisine. However as a high standard lodge has a high reputation the Dawson Falls would have a backup suppliers such as warehouse, for any delays or emergency issue happened and not effect normal operation. Facilitators and Publics In the success of Dawson Falls the good relationships with New Plymouth City Council, library, tourists’ information centre and Tourism New Zealand are indispensable.
The public image of Dawson Falls’ general public and employees are the key channels that can affect the successful of the organizational. An establishment training scheme with local PIMPS hospitality school will provide the high standards and well trained employees also it is a further opportunity to Marketing strategy Business mission Dawson Falls basically business concept is being a luxury lodge that differ from other restaurants and lodges in the same area, holding its own unique selling point.
Business Vision: To provide a memorable life experience for domestic and international visitors in a small rural setting. Business Mission: Demonstrating that we care about our environment and exceeding our guests’ expectations to ensure they have a peaceful time and comfortable stay. Marketing Objectives & Goals Key objective: Taking full advantage of using customer relationship management systems and build beneficial customer relationship and keep loyal customers.
Understanding the target market people why they come and how to make them feel the most value of money they spend in here. Be innovative and create competitive advantage in respect of increasing guests’ satisfaction and world of mouth experience. Corporate Strategy The corporate strategy will be maximize profit and able to achieve the business goals, mission and vision.
Local PIMPS School: hiring professional and high productivity hospitality employees Tirana Daily News: advertise on newspaper make sure the discount arrangement with local food product provider as doing business with them regularly Marketing organization Formal structure Dawson Falls organization structure will have an owner as the main operator, general manager, department managers only for restaurant and accommodation, general employees and special marketing agency will directly in charge of marketing plan with senior management group.
Functional efficiency The main problem for Dawson Falls at this stage is the communication with outside the Tirana region due to the special geography location. Internet will be the key channel to communicate with all the agency to update the newest information about Dawson Falls. Internal channel and telephone are mainly using within the organization to keep everyone working closely and watchful for all information exchange. Interface efficiency Interface efficiency is reflect from organization’s daily operation, refers to food preparation by kitchen, housekeeping cleanness and staff service standard.
Marketing systems Marketing information systems information, gathered continuously from sources inside and outside an organization. (Objectifications , n. D. ) MIS will be used to collect marketing information in relation to decisions made such as product development or improvement, pricing, promotion and distribution. Marketing planning systems In order to get reach of the target market people, Dawson Falls will break down the pacific customers’ needs and wants in different timeline.
Different marketing plans will be implement according to seasonal change which includes detailed action programs, sales forecasts and budgets of the organization. Marketing control systems By using marketing control system can help to check whether the organization is still on the right track of working toward to the objectives. An evaluation of the outcomes of the activities undertaken will ensure that Dawson Falls is under efficiency and effectiveness controls. New Product Development Systems New product development will based on seasonal menu change and different outdoor activities as well as combine with customers suggestions.
Marketing Functions Products and Brands Restaurant: Dawson Falls offers a unique Swiss dining experience in a special location which you can interact with Tirana cultural adventure. Accommodation: European style decoration lodge will be the main accommodation at Dawson Falls but as an innovated modern organization, there are few different theme rooms such as REV room and fully furnished tent room that build outside the lodge for people who is willing to experience the real adventure. Price High food quality standard and professional service will present so that the prices ill be high in the restaurant ranges from $30-$50 per meal.
Accommodation price will be variable due to the difference of room types and promotion price for the peak and low season. Group discount and loyalty program will be offered as well. Distribution/elementariness The main distribution channels for the business will be Tirana. Info, Tourism New book the accommodation. A direct marketing channel with intermediaries will be marketing agency directly communicate with target market and take the bookings. Promotion As I mentioned before pricing strategy will be part of Dawson Falls promotion, for instance discount of limited stay for budget travelers.
Tirana daily magazines, travel guides at the travel agency, brochures in the airport and so on will be another promotion strategy for Dawson Falls to attract both locals to come up for fine dining experience up the mountain and New Zealand tourists and foreign tourists come up to stay. Sales Word of mouth and customers’ feedback will be main approaches for Dawson Falls to increase sales. Well trained and high service standard staff will provide professional hospitality to meet customers’ high expectation to Dawson Falls, once word of mouth parade high reputation will build up.
Previous customers’ feedback is the first primary research that potential customers would get, at some point the previous customers are Dawson Falls intermediaries to help upsetting. Customers Analysis Customer’s needs and wants Experiences are motivated by self-expression. Young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers, Experiences quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky. Their energy finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities.
Thinkers are motivated by ideals. They are mature, satisfied, comfortable, and reflective people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility. They tend to be well educated and actively seek out information in the decision- making process. They are well-informed about world and national events and are alert to opportunities to broaden their knowledge. (Strategic Business Insights, n. D. ) Customers expected high quality food and service at a fine dining restaurant but at the same time Dawson Falls needs to be a quality lodge too.
The buying behavior of each segment is very different. Overseas and local visitors have a buying behavior relative to a singular purchase for the dining and accommodation experience as a tourist attraction, while business people and high income family have the ability to become repeat and loyal customers. Dawson Falls must create the need for one-off visits for tourists, while also providing a consistent, quality service which will encourage guest loyalty. Influences Cultural Factors Cultural factors include a consumer’s culture, subculture and social class.
These 2013) Especially Dawson Falls big target market is tourists which based on differ culture of the guests. Therefore Dawson Falls needs to position its self in a way to satisfied all culture basis. Social Factors Social factors include groups, family, roles and status. This explains the outside influences of others on our purchase decisions either directly or indirectly. (superpower’s, 2013) In order to not drop off the prestige Dawson Falls will not lower the price for either restaurant or accommodation only would do it for promotion strategy.
Otherwise it will lose customers for being “cheap” and lower the high quality image to public. Personal Factors The target market people’s buying behaviors will also be influenced by age, life style ND lifestyle and so on and personal preference would be changed when their ‘situation’ changed. So Dawson Falls must create a general perception that suit for majority target market people in a long term plan. Psychological Factors Psychological factors that influence people’s buying behavior through motivation, attitude, and beliefs and so on.
So that Dawson Falls needs to turn their wants to needs and let people to feel the most value out of there. Buying Process Buying processes are the process that the target market would go through before they buy the product. Understanding the customers’ buying process is not only important for business’s daily sales, but also is an indicator that tells business if they using their strategy accordingly. Dawson Falls should have certain strategy to be able to help customers to make buying decision through that 5 stages. (Appendix C) Involvement Involvement is another factor that influences the evaluation process.
When the products are more expensive the consumer would put more time in research and involvement in buying process. Dawson Falls should make the consumers feel and see the value of their money in the products when they doing research. Product/ Brand [Service Awareness Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a products. (Investigated, n. D. )Dawson Falls should combine itself with the Dawson Falls area’s historic from a brand-name Dawson Falls in terms of famous and differentiate from its competitors.
Dawson Falls should position itself as exclusive accommodation than others around and fine dining restaurant offering high quality food and service standard. Competitor Analysis Within the Segment, Tirana region the only direct competitor to Dawson Falls is Mountain House Lodge as they offering the same core products, restaurant and accommodation. However there are still two competitors to Dawson Falls driving range, Appendix D shows the aspects that in terms of amenities offered from that two competitors, as well as the perceptual map.
According to the target market profile, needs and wants of Dawson Falls, they will expect a high hospitality standard and friendly employees. Due to the most likely direct competitor for Dawson Falls is Mountain House Lodge, so the organization will look to build the competitive advantage through unique decoration style, innovation which is different room themes outside the lodge, poisoning statement and also the marketing strategy with agency and promotion. In terms of modern facilities Mountain House Lodge has the External Analysis Political The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the Tirana economy.
Millions of dollars are spent in the region annually on exploration activities. Many local people are employed in oil and gas processing and in servicing industries. Tirana contains the only producing oil and gas reserves in New Zealand and these are of importance. (REGIONAL POLICY STATEMENT , 1994) This gives Dawson Falls a potential target market which is more business people who are New Zealand or foreigners would come to Tirana region. Economy Visitors to Woman this weekend have arrived in one of the most buoyant economies in New Zealand.
New Plymouth and Tamari now lead Auckland and Wellington as the best-performing cities, with Tirana and Southland sitting Just behind Auckland as the best-performing regions. (Transcendentalist, 2013) Good performing and the most buoyant economies city will always attract people to come visit, Dawson Falls should take advantage from their nearest down town- New Plymouth, focus on upcoming local event, adjust strategies accordingly. Social With regard to customer satisfaction and cultural theories applied underpin how literature customers can be satisfied through offering an adjusted service. Voss, 2006) Dawson Falls needs to pay attention on changing of social popular trends and understanding the differences of needs and wants between that two target markets. Technological Technological is playing a very important role in nowadays but as one of the unique selling points, Dawson Falls should keep the technological aspect as simple as they can. However the basic need of technological will be provided, for instance the mobile service and certain area for WIFE zone, don’t need to put huge amount and money into this part. Environment
Due to the special location Dawson Falls should be aware of the natural disaster and the bad weather, should have emergency plan of water and food cut off as well as the road blocked. This is also consider as social responsibility of caring employees and customers. Legal As the outside rooms are part of unique selling point, Dawson Falls should be aware of building. Due to it is located in the national park any changes within the area need to go through department of conservation to get permission. Otherwise would be a big issue for organization. References Benchmarking . (2013).
Retrieved from Benchmarking : http://www. Benchmarking. Et/ Objectifications . (n. D. ). Retrieved from Objectifications : http:// www. Objectifications. Com/definition/marketing-information-system. HTML Department of Conservation. (n. D. ). Retrieved from Department of Conservation: http://www. Doc. Gobo. NZ/parks-and-recreation/places-to-stay/lodges-cabins-and- cottages-by-region/Tirana/Conklin-lodge/ Investigated. (n. D. ). Retrieved from Investigated: http://www. Investigated. Com/terms/b/Brandywines. Asp New Zealand. (n. D. ). Retrieved from New Zealand: http://www. Zealand. Com/into/ Tirana/ New Zealand statistics . (2009). Retrieved from http://www. Stats. Opt. NZ/ Census/counterespionage/Quicksteps/Bootlace/SnapShot. Asps? REGIONAL POLICY STATEMENT . (1994). Retrieved from REGIONAL POLICY STATEMENT : http://www. Try. Gobo. NZ/assets/ Publications/policies-plans-strategies/regional-policy-statement/regional+policy *statement. PDF Strategic Business Insights. (n. D. ). Retrieved from Strategic Business Insights: http://www. strategicbusinessinsights. Com/vales/suttees/experiences. SHTML Stratford Mountain House. (n. D. ).
Retrieved from Stratford Mountain House: http:// www. Extemporaneousness’s. Co. NZ/ superpower’s. (2013). Retrieved from superpower’s: http://www. Overpressure. Com/19. HTML Tirana. (2014). Retrieved from Tirana: http://visit. Tirana. Info/news/detail. PH/id/11 57 Tirana alpine club. (2013). Retrieved from Tirana alpine club: http:// www. Transcontinental. Co. NZ/pages/lodge. HTML Transcendentalist. (2013). Retrieved from Transcendentalist: http://www. Stuff. Co. NZ/Tirana-daily-news/news/8433358/ Tirana-economy-performing-like-a-champion Voss, L. 2006). Http://www. Du. SE/ pastilles/5053/obsolescence. PDF. Wholeheartedness. (n. D. ). Retrieved from http://www. New-Zealand-NZ. Net/mat_Tirana/Dawson_falls. HTML Appendix Appendix A: Segments evaluation . 1 Major Segments of Dawson Falls Tirana The Dawson Falls is located in the region of Tirana in the Segment National Park. In the surroundings of the Dawson Falls there is accommodations available for tourists who would like to stay a few days and visit Tirana, New Plymouth, Opened and Inglewood. (Wholeheartedness, n. D. ).
After market research we have found, the major types of people come to Dawson Falls are tourists mainly from USA, Australia and Asia. Also the Tirana locals and New Zealand families from different cities who would love to escape from modern society and enjoy the natures for a weekend. Then we classify these main target people into different values and lifestyles refer to VALES. VALES Types of people Thinkers Foreign office workers and families Experiences Office workers and locals Stratford Mountain House Negating Uranus Mountain House situated on Magna Tirana which represents the most sacred of ancestors to Negating Uranus. Stratford Mountain House, n. D. ) Strengths Weaknesses Strategies Unique ambiance Mixture target markets Emphasizing on many ways to attract locals and tourists by explore attractions around the areas, fine dining, cafe, accommodation and conferences facility. Good location and view Lack of personal touch Professional staff Higher food quality Appendix C: Buying Process There are five stages framework as below remains a good way to evaluate the customer’s buying process: 1 .
Problem/Need Recognition: A purchase cannot take place without the recognition of the need. Dawson Falls needs to trigger customers’ need from internal stimuli or external stimuli. Internal stimuli: Dawson Falls should focus on the core product selling, telling customers the basic need of food and accommodation they provide. External stimuli: rely on advertising and word of out from people, if a business has a good reputation and everyone talks about it then more people would want to try. 2.
Information Search: after the recognition that the customers had of Dawson Falls, they may start searching internal and external environment of the business. They are rely on print, visual, online media or word of mouth for obtaining information. 3. Evaluation of Alternatives: Consumers will evaluate different products or brands at this stage on the basis of alternative product attributes. A factor that heavily influences this stage is the customer’s attitude. (Benchmarking , 2013) 4. Purchase Decision: The penultimate stage is where the purchase takes place.
The final purchase decision may be ‘disrupted’ by two factors: negative feedback from other customers and the level of motivation to accept the feedback. As I mentioned earlier, Dawson Falls should pay extra attention on customers’ feedbacks and take valuable suggestion from them. Find out the problems and solve them before customers put on feedback. 5. Post-purchase Behavior: Customers will compare products with their previous expectations and will be either satisfied or dissatisfied. Therefore, Dawson Falls must deliver what they promised to

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