Management Planning – The Boeing Company essay

The Boeing Company was developed in 1916 by William Boeing and has been in existence for over 90 years. “Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. ” The “Boeing” (1995) Boeing builds and designs missiles, satellites, and launch vehicles which are why they are a major service provider for NASA. Boeing is always expanding their product line and meeting customer needs to the best of their ability. Chicago is where the main office is located, but they employ over 170,000 people from across the United States and in 70 different countries.
The “Boeing” (1995) During Boeing’s years of existence they have enforced several management strategies that work best for their company. They set many goals and set several plans throughout all the changes in its products and range of customers they have. The following information will discuss Boeing’s planning function of management, the influence or legal issues, ethics of the company, and corporate social responsibilities. Also analyzed will be factors that influence Boeing’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.
The Planning function of Management Management planning is a vital role for a company as large and complex as The Boeing Company. The planning function of management is the process of setting goals and achieving these goals over a certain period of time. Boeing sets goals for each individual department of its company. By planning and setting goals, Boeing can avoid problems and unexpected things that may occur in the future. With the Boeing Company being so large, they are required to plan extensively to run and operate a successful business.

When a plan is set, Boeing managers communicate with all the departments accordingly to make sure everyone is on the same page. Legal Issues Many legal issues come into effect when dealing with a company such as Boeing, due to the fact that they produce products that can potentially harm people. Boeing needs to take every precaution necessary and obey laws by the manufacturers of the equipment. Legal problems not only come from outside the company but can arise from the inside as well. A lawsuit was made against Boeing by the husband of a Nigerian woman who died in a plane crass killing over 153 people.
The lawsuit reports the engine was faulty pointing the blame at Boeing and Pratt and Whitney- A Connecticut based engine maker. (Suntimes”, 2012) Most companies use several approaches when dealing with legal issues especially with the amount of legal suits we have today. With extensive training, and education, companies such as Boeing, can decrease the amount of legal issues they have in the future. Ethics The Boeing Company has an extensive company policy and code of conduct operates business in a proper ethical manner. The Boeing Company is requires the highest amount of ethical conduct from all of its employees.
Employees of Boeing must also comply with laws and regulations ad may not do anything that will compromise the company’s honesty and reputation. Management at Boeing strives to set good examples for their fellow employees and show them leadership and customer satisfaction. Boeing employees are encouraged to come forward with any questions or concerns they have with any and all aspects of the company. In one instance, one of Boeing’s employees who worked as an attorney for Boeing’s ethics policing division was demoted to being an administrative assistant then soon fired after raising concerns about violation of government regulations.
This lawsuit alleges wrongful termination and violation of public policy. The former Boeing employee asked for back pay and future economic loss. Boeing, at the time the article was published and not yet responded to the court. (Seattlepi”, 1996) It is extremely important for Boeing’s management to handle things ethically and in a professional manner to avoid lawsuits such as this in the future. Corporate Social Responsibility Boeing’s corporate social responsibility is well known and respected through the eyes of the business world.
Their efforts in the foundation for corporate responsibility are very well documented. The foundation which Boeing joined in 2008 encourages companies to get involved in philanthropic efforts and promoting business ethics. Boeing is involved in sponsoring many things such as corporate events to refurbish the lecture hall at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. (Boeing, 2008) Boeing has also spread out its efforts by also sponsoring sports related events. Factors that influence strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning
Economic conditions, competition, and company costs influence Boeing’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency plans of the company. Economic conditions affect Boeing in several ways. Weather conditions along with other economic problems can cause airlines to struggle, which in turn affect Boeing. If no one is purchasing airfare, then it causes a decrease in the purchase of airlines. In order for Boeing to beat competition, they must research the newest technologies and developments of new products. Boeing must have a plan to offer their customers what no other company is offering.
This brings in company costs that are another influence on the company. Boeing sets a budget and tries not to exceed their profits. Staying on a budget can be very difficult with Boeing being such a large company, but by reviewing budgets and company costs on a set regular basis, this can dwindle down the unnecessary costs that they may have. Strategic goals are set into place to compensate for Boeing’s setbacks that they come across. Strategic planning also allows them to see the big picture as a whole and set goals to enhance production.
Tactical planning is just as equally important, it separates the different departments within Boeing. By using tactical planning Boeing can make sure that each department is performing in the most efficient way possible. With operational planning, managers of Boeing make sure the tasks are being completed correctly by their employees. When using all of these planning strategies, companies such as Boeing can ensure that products are being made effectively and employees are completing the tasks in a timely manner, leading to success in the company.
The Boeing Company implements and enforces many different factors that show successful management planning. Several factors such as legal issues, ethics, and corporate responsibility influence the plan of management that Boeing has. Boeing has an extensive management team and several departments to deal with each issue at hand. Boeing strives as a company to follow the company’s code of ethics and policies to make sure they are running and operating the business in the most efficient way possible

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Management Planning – The Boeing Company essay
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