Management class

How Do You Know If You’re Doing a Good Job?
The Controlling function of Management helps us understand if we are meeting our objectives.  It’s our job as Manager to be constantly evaluating “how things are going”, and to make adjustments if it’s necessary.  We learn in Chapter16 that there is a process associated with the Controlling function.  Additionally, we learn about metrics, and the sources of information.  
Think about where you work, and how you know if you or your team is performing well.  Using what you know from Chapter 16, embed a video as your initial post by choosing Record/Upload Media above.  This works best of you record yourself, make sure it is correct and accurate and that you have done a good job, and then Upload Media. In your video, be sure to answer the following questions:

Describe the Control Process for your organization.
What metrics are being tracked?  In other words, what is being measured?
What area(s) of control is this? 
What level of control is utilized?  In other words, who is doing the monitoring?  

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Management class
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This can be your department or team, or the entire firm.  If you are currently not employed, used your most recent workplace.  If you’ve never worked, interview someone you know or use your experience in a group/team project as your example. 
Though you do not need an audience for this video post, you will for your Article Summary Presentation assignment, submitted in week 8.  Replies are not required to be in video format.
Helpful Hints:  You may want to put together notes about your response before recording your video.  It will help you present your information in a more organized fashion (but, don’t simply read your notes!).  Be sure your environment (background images, noise, lighting) and your appearance (look like you would when you have to leave the house) are suitable for recording!
I think the easiest format to use is a computer.  The steps in the process seem to be the most intuitive.  iOS mobile devices are very convenient – be sure to follow each step carefully, what may appear as an ‘attach’ command will in fact embed.


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