Making the website for a health club (In 4 hours)

Class: Computer Science
  You are making the website for a health club.  Or maybe it’s a spa.  Or some other kind of business where you have a membership and keep track of transactions for those customers.  You decide.
First you need to create a page where the customer is signed up for a membership.  The fields should include:
First name
Last name
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number
You should create a table that has all of that data as well as a unique ID.
Then you are going to want to have a page that allows you to search for the member and check them in to the club.  You should create a page where they check in .  This would be another table that stores the unique ID from the user table and the date/time.
Then you will create a page that allows employees to search for users and bring up their customer data including every time they have visited the club.  (Two more pages!)  This should be arranged on the page in a way that is easily understandable.
Remember to clean up any input you receive from the users.  I would hope that you have already built functions to do this work for you by now.
 This mini-site you are making should look professional.  If you don’t understand what that looks like find other sites similar to your business and look at their color schemes and font choices.  Look at how they use graphics.  You should be using an external stylesheet that is shared by all of your pages.
This site should be posted on Chelan for everyone to see. You should submit a link to the page in the comments plus the files uploaded to Canvas as a zip file.  Failure to do so will result in a total loss of points and possible failure of the class.

Project Rubric
Project Rubric
Website has a professional appearance 20.0 Full Marks 0.0 No Marks 

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Making the website for a health club (In 4 hours)
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Use of Cookies to keep employees logged in and to control access to pages with sensitive information.
 20.0 Full Marks 0.0 No Marks 

 All field input is cleaned before entering into the database.
 20.0 Full Marks 0. 


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