Make-up for pre-teens? Recently is seems that more and more girls under the age of eleven are starting to wear makeup, but why? They do not need to their still children. First, many feel that makeup causes damage to the skin, for both older women and younger women. It can be especially damaging to the skin of younger children. Besides, do young children really need to wear makeup? Of course, we all get that awkward stage and you start not liking the way you look. Many doctors feel that this is just one of the growing pains of life.
This may be very difficult for a pre-teen girl to accept. Another reason why some parents feel that young girls should not wear makeup is because they will not learn to appreciate their own natural beauty. Of course, most pre-teens do not even want to hear that . It does damage your skin badly; however, it is okay to wear make-up sometime for a special occasion. However, the majority of them did feel that it is important not to overdo it on the makeup. Just a little lip-gloss should be okay.
Some of the pre-teens begin to get skin irritations from the makeup. The bottom line is that many parents feel that allowing young children to wear makeup can be hazardous to third skin, but if it is just for fun then it is ok. I am sure that we could all come up with dozens of reasons why young girls should not wear makeup, but it is the parent’s decision. We should not look down at the any parent who chooses to allow their child to wear makeup at a young age. Justine Stevens

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