M2 Essay Assignment: Revenge and Justice

In this second essay you will showcase your analytic and critical thinking skills through an examination of two out of four thought -provoking short stories.This is not a compare/contrast essay.  Instead, you must draw a connection through similar literary elements to frame your argument about the readings (Literary Elements for Unit 2).I have provided three different choices of essay topics to frame your literary argument. You should continue to engage with the text(s) to support your opinions, thoughts andideas. Remember you are not developing an argument about the social issue. In other words, you will not be supporting whether or not revenge is justified. This is not an arguable point. Instead, you will be analyzing what you feel the authors of the two selected works are critiquing about the actions of the characters and what their behavior suggests about human nature.Do not make claims lightly; ensure that these claims can be supported by the text. The use of Spark notes, Gradesaver, Classic Notes, Wikipedia, and any other interpretative websites will result in a 0 for the assignment.The topics are as follows:1. How do the actions of the protagonists impact and shape the message that the author is trying to convey? What is that message and how is it socially significant? Dig deep with your analysis of the characters to devise a unique and compelling argument.2. What underlying issues motivate the characters to commit these acts of revenge? Is one action more justified than the other and what is the social significance behind these justifications? What are the implications of these actions and how do you plan to prove your point?3. You may also select your own topic for this second essay. Your topic must include an analysis of a shared theme or idea expressed in two of the pieces of literature we have read for this unit. Please discuss the topic with me, before you write your first draft.Length and Due Dates:ED2: Intro and outline (see ED2 directions) due by 11:59pm on 10/10.MD2: 6-7 pages (min. hit the bottom of page 6). Due by11:59pm on 10/15.FD2: 6-7 pages (min. hit the bottom of page 6) bolding all revisions madefrom middle draft to final draft. Due by11:59pm on 10/24.Requirements:• Central claim and sub claims should all be based on your analysis of the readings.• Sub claims should be based on specific literary elements of your selected stories.  See “Literary Elements for Unit 1.”• Draw a connection between the two stories you have selected to support your central claim.• Use quotes from each reading to support your analysis.

In addition to this essay, at the bottom of your final draft under the works cited page you must provide a 250 word reflection on the revision and drafting process for this essay. Explain to the reader, how each of the drafts contributed to this final product. What types of changes did you make from one draft to the next and why? What were the most helpful comments and/or feedback provided by your peers and your instructor? Why were they helpful? What components of the writing process were the most effective (prof. comments, conferences, class discussion, peer review, revision exercises, etc.) and why?

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M2 Essay Assignment: Revenge and Justice
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