Looking Back and Ahead


Determine one (1) of the most important or surprising things you learned in this course. You will then explain why this was surprising to you.
Select two (2) major concepts you learned in this course and recommend two (2) ways that organizations can use them effectively to gain competitive advantage.

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Looking Back and Ahead
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Respond to classmate:

his has been an informative class. To say what was the most important or surprising things I have learned in this course is hard. This course has opened my eyes to what is important not just to me but any one who is in the workforce. I always felt like money was the biggest factor when it came to where I would work. Having a good compensation plan will make/motivate you to want to work hard for the company you are with. Money is not a factor that will make you want to work for any company. Having good benefits along with good pay is what everyone would want. 
Executives in any company should have a good compensation package and pay. To become an executive one must work hard to climb to the top. Being an executive requires good compensation plans, companies need to pay executives more to get the best performance.
Having a competitive compensation package will attract the top talent.
Having a competitive incentive pay a company needs to reward employees on the basis of their performance.


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