Journal #1 response to: “Story of an Hour, “A Rose for Emily,” OR “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” Choose only ONE story as the basis of your response. 
Remember, your journal responses need to be at least 125-250 word reactions to the pieces you’ve read. Some prompt to consider in typing your journal. Choose ONLY ONE PROMPT as the basis of your response. 
1. What do I think of this text and why?
2. List the emotions (anger, pity, envy, admiration, astonishment, etc.) the work evoked. Then draw conclusions about the reasons you think you felt these emotions.
3.Copy one sentence, one line, or one phrase that struck you as especially beautiful, puzzling, enlightening, and so on. Then interpret how and why the sentence, line, or phrase evoked this response.
4. You can write a letter to the author asking questions or making observations about the reading.
5. Draw conclusions about why you could or could not detect with a particular character or situation in the reading.
6. Reread the work and interpret how your impression of the reading changed from your initial reading of the piece.

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