Life Is so Good

Shauntral Pollard Mrs. Judice English 1302. 02 March 6, 2013 Life Is So Good Test George copes with his illiteracy with a positive attitude. An incident happened when George was trying to board a train, but he wasn’t able to because his ticket was only a one-way travel. The ticket master said to him, “read the ticket” and after this incident I believe George’s view toward learning changed. I believe George would have been a great scholar because of how he was able to obtain knowledge by watching and listening.
He would even recall life lessons his father and mother taught him as he encountered different situations. George’s advantage in life was he was able to travel and his father raised him to be a responsible man. Although he came from a poor family, George was very hard working and responsible. George was rich with common sense and humbleness. He never stepped over his boundaries and did whatever he was asked of him, never complaining and doing his entire jobs well. The students were drawn to George because he had been all over the country and he was very wise.
George was 100 years old and he had a knowledge base one could only hope to gain. He would always be to school early ready to learn and I believe his eagerness to learn inspired young and old. The advice George’s father gave him made realize every person is different. He should not judge a person because of all the hardships he and his family had to face growing up in the South. I think his father wanted to keep George focused so his state of mind would not have him thinking he was better than another person.

Although George had a lot of good and bad experiences, he still remained modest and friendly. George would answer the question, ”What makes life worth living? ”, by saying each person makes his or her own life worth living. A person will either make life hard or easy. George’s life was so good because he had all he needed and his life was full of great experiences. George truly enjoyed aspect of life and did not worry about what life had to bring his way. He really was a great human being and many of us could take a life’s lesson from him on how to be genuine on how to treat others who are different.
To George, it did not matter what background a person came from because their actions would speak louder than words. When George said, “there are some parents these days that are growing children, not raising children, “I believe he meant the children now are being raised by the television, game systems, or the internet. I totally agree with him because when I grew up we had to spend time either listening to our parents or had a time when we had to go outside the house and play. Parents need to become more involved in their children’s lives and not allow the digital age to be the supervisors.
George Dawson’s attitude impacted his life in a major way. He knew he could not change the laws or the way people felt, so he decided not be angry. People who have a positive attitude are able to have a great lives and that is what George did. His humble attitude kept him from getting into trouble or being around the wrong person. Most people would have been miserable or depressed because of the type of life George had to lead. But not George, he remained the same until the end.

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Life Is so Good
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