Life Expectancy Increase

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 Based on reading and experience, prepare a 1 page  summary identifying and discussing the social planning that would be needed in your community if life expectancy increased to 100 years. Think about what would have to be done in your community if people lived to be 100? You will need to really think about this because it relates to your community. You should include in your discussion: name of your community (town/city), access to healthcare, transportation, housing, food, local government structure, etc.

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Life Expectancy Increase
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I would suggest that you consider interviewing someone in your local community’s government or someone that works with the elderly or Council of Aging. Most communities have a Council on Aging. You will need to include their name and position, if you interview them.

This assignment is about social planning in your community if life expectancy increased to 100. Therefore, you should focus on your community.

The summary needs to follow APA formatting requirements.  



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