Letter to a friend

I understand that you have been looking for a class to help you with your writing skills.  While this is not a writing course, I believe that this class will be able to help you because it is designed to help students understand and appreciate literature.  The name of the class is English 2120WWW.   It offers teachings on the works of the likes of Robert Frost, John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemmingway.
The course outline covers many areas that are useful.  There are sections that are devoted to drama, which include the works of Arthur Miller and David Mamet.  The next section covers poetry and includes the works of Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, TS Elliot, Elizabeth Bishop, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Pinsky.  This section also offers the works of Asian poets such as Cathy Song and Li-Young Lee.  If you remember, these poets included in the poetry section each contributed to the development of poetry by introducing a unique style that has appealed to all generations.

Perhaps the part of the lesson that you will enjoy is the section on fiction which discusses the works of Mark Twain, Sarah Ome Jewett, Katherine Ann Porter, Edith Wharton, and William Faulkner.  It also has a discussion on the works of Ernest Hemmingway, John Steinbeck, Richard Wright, Kurt Vonnegut and Eudora Welty.  The discussion of these works will be perfect for your studies because the class offers a discussion of all of this material.  There is also a discussion by peers in this class that is directed by the instructor.
I must advise you, however, that this class is not easy.  There are requirements that one has to complete in order to complete this class.  The work includes submission of written papers and essays on the pieces of literature that have been discussed in class.  In order to succeed in this class, it is imperative that you read all of the material that is assigned by the instructor.  You must also not just understand the material that you are reading but also analyze the elements of the writing.
While it may seem that there is a lot of work to do, it is really not that tedious because the material is presented in a manner that is enjoyable.  There is a perspective that is provided that allows the student to see deeper into these works.  This method teaches the students how to properly appreciate and emulate the works of the masters.  I recommend that you take this class because there is so much that you can learn from it.

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Letter to a friend
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