Learning Space Professional Resource

Determine best practices for promoting literacy development.

Through the lens of an experienced early childhood educator, you will produce a pamphlet, website, or other shareable resource that can be shared with fellow educators and colleagues. This resource will highlight your growing expertise in this field.

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Learning Space Professional Resource
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The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC, recommends that early childhood programs include extensive literacy resources, including high-quality children’s books, educational software, and other technology tools. In addition, responding to young children’s varied developmental levels, interests, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds requires rich literacy resources throughout the classroom and learning spaces.
Consider the environmental attributes which enhance literacy and language use (for example, signs/labels, placement of books/texts, seating/centers which encourage cooperative play and conversation, etc.) For your professional training resource, create a pamphlet, website, or other resource, that focuses on best practices for creating a physical learning space that supports language and literacy development in young children.

The resource can be created using Microsoft, or another online tool that will make it accessible for viewing in an online platform. The information will be targeted at fellow early childhood professionals. The resource must include illustrations, such as graphics, photos, or drawings. It must also include the following items:

An introduction that addresses why it is important to create print-rich spaces that engage children in meaningful and authentic communication.
A list of three literacy-supportive materials for each specific age group

Preschool age children

Provide insight into which modalities they focus on, such as visual, audio/verbal, tactile, etc.

Three illustrations or graphics that highlight key environmental attributes that enhance literacy and language use. These could include specific learning centers or areas within a classroom.
Include two scholarly sources that support these best practices and their developmental appropriateness, cited in APA format.


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