Learn about my company and write a 4-5 page article

According to the information of enterprises and enterprises I give, simulate an interview, interview with them, and understand their experience in managing enterprises.Focus less on how they got started and more on the day-to-day management aspect and wheter it aligns with their business strategy. What is their business strategy? (do they even have one?) What challenges do they face and how do they address them? What are the biggest mistakes they have made in leading the company? What are the best practices they use to be successful in managing the company? 
There at two (2) deliverables: 
1 write a written report of 3-5 pages with headings, etc. This is not a transcript of the interview, but an opportunity for your to share the three (3) most important things that you learned from the business owner (based on their experience). Provide a conclusion where you share your general thoughts about doing the interview and what you learned (or didn’t learn) from doing the interview.  You will also need to include a picture of yourself along with the business owner. 

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Learn about my company and write a 4-5 page article
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