League of Legends is Good

League of Legends is a game that is very popular these days. However, nearly every parent hates the idea of his/her children playing this game. Parent only heard the news that a Taiwanese died from playing League of Legends. Also, his/her parent don’t want his/her child to get addicted by it. However, moms and dads will never know the pros of the game. I enjoy talking about it with my good friends. Nearly everyone in KISS Paying plays League of Legends, and it is one of the most popular games in the school right now.
We even have a secret Faceable group called KISS 7th Grade League of Legends. We like to post mimes, our favorite game match we’ve had, and some news. If I have a victory, it is so fun to talk about it with my friends. Also, we always laugh if something funny happened in LOL. Because of this, there are usually good relationships between the kids who play LOL. I usually have pride in my achievements, form camaraderie’s with other folks online, and gain appreciation of my growing skills. ! Different champions, skills, and champ combinations get me excited.
In LOL, there are many champions that a player could use for battle. Currently, there are over 100 different champions, so the player can choose who he/she want to play (the player needs to buy the champion first). It is never boring, because he/she can buy new champions, decorations (a. K. A. Skins), and every champions have their own unique passives and active skills. These features let you fall deep into imagination, a place where you can relieve stress, if used enough. People are terribly mistaken if they think of LOL as a game that only kills other people.

Surprisingly, LOL can improve one’s cooperation and planning skills, as well as some other things, such as communication skills, vice versa. LOL requires 5 players on each team, who all have different roles. Because everyone has different roles, no one is less important than others. Also, cooperation and communication are the keys to victory. A player need to communicate with your team (in a way they can understand) if he/she want to coordinate a surprise attack. If the player cooperate, the team will sometimes compliment him/her, and form a friendship with the player.
The player needs to plan ahead of what he/she are going to do. LOL is a strategy game. The team’s victory doesn’t happen only because one’s skills are good. He/she need to work with his/her team to win. There are many pros for playing League of Legends. It is actually beneficial to people, if they can control their gaming time. It can help them make friends, improve their cooperation/planning/communication skills, and it can excite them, even though they are in a very bad mood. Parents are Just worrying about their children too much,

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League of Legends is Good
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