Laughter Is the Best Medicine Period A

Laughter is the Best Medicine Vikrant Badhwar Period A. There are so many quotes about laughing like, “Laughter is an instant vacation”, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” and we are all familiar with one of the most well known quotes “Laughter is the best medicine. ” Yes, you guessed it right, my speech topic is “Laughter is the best medicine. ” Laughter is contagious and it not only improves physical, mental and emotional health but also makes people happier and brings them closer. Laughter helps and overcomes many social barriers.
One cannot go through life being miserable all the time and we need to find humor in anything or everything we can. Laughter is free medicine and very easy to use at any place and anytime Laughter is one of the best natural pain killers in the world. There are a lot of health benefits from laughing. What can be a better way to relieve stress and get rid of pain than laughter? Laughing can boost your immune system. When you laugh, it reduces the stress hormones known as cortisol and increases the immune cells that can fight infections and prevent many diseases.
Laughter increases a hormone known as endorphins that acts as a pain killer. It gives the body a good feeling and can temporarily relieve pain. Laughter increases the blood flow in our bodies which can prevent the risk of having a heart attack. Did you know that 15 minutes of laughter can be just as good as 2 hours of sleep; one good belly laugh can burn 3 and ? calories, laughing for 15 seconds adds two days to your life p. The Chinese have it right, they laugh more than any other culture in the world! Laughter makes you feel good about yourself and helps you stay emotionally healthy.

When you laugh, you get a feeling in your body that makes you feel good. When you laugh, there is no way you will feel angry, sad or even mad, therefore it relieves all your bad emotions. Laughter brings a lot of joy and energy that allows you to have a positive outlook towards life even when you are feeling down. Researchers believe that there is a strong link between laughter and emotional health. Laughter reduces stress and helps you relax. Laughter also helps you stay focused and helps you look at difficult situations more clearly.
Laughing by yourself is a great dose of medicine but laughing with others is even better. Shared laughter is considered to be great way of keeping relationships healthy. When you are laughing with others, it helps strengthen the bond between friends, and even helps dissolve a disagreement or conflict that otherwise maybe be harmful to your mental and emotional health. Laughing together can make life fun and enjoyable. Did you know that there are actually Laughter Yoga groups where the Yoga leader actually teaches you how to laugh!
There is one group called the “Laughter Brigade” in India where you can catch a group of people laughing silly early in the morning while doing their routine exercises! As you can see, laughter is not only a free medicine but it can be available anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Laughter’s benefits to our physical, mental, and emotional well being are enormous. Laughing together strengthens the bond, brings people closer and overcome many social barriers. So, I say keep on laughing and add more joy, happiness and love to your daily lives.

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine Period A
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