Lars and the Real Girl

My perceptions and presumptions about people who order sex dolls is not limited on the morality of the person but on how he was raised as a child. In most cases, people who perform something unusual is a refelction on his childhood days. This perception and presumption was supported by the movie Lars and the Real Girl wherein Lars fell in love with a doll because of his unhappy childhood. In my case, if a family member or a friend ordered a sex doll, I will not judge the person right away.

I will deal the matter with reasonable thinking and focus on the reason why the said act happened. 2. Discuss how Lars constructs a social identity for Bianca. Lars constructed a social identity for Bianca by means of introducing her as his girlfriend, as if she was a real girl. The fact that Bianca is just a doll was lost when the townspeople accepted her character as if she was a real girl. Since Lars treated Bianca as a real girl and allowed her to grow by working as a model and attending meetings, he painted a scenario that Bianca is an active and normal girl who loves him.

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Lars and the Real Girl
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Hence, the social identity of Bianca is a girl who is willing to love him while reaching for her dreams. 3. How do the people of the town set up social phenomena (or systems—i. e. , concepts and practices) and follow through with them in relation to Lars and Bianca? In other words, how does the community create for Bianca a subjectivity rather than the objectivity of a doll? Give examples of the shared ideas the community adopts and accepts about Lars, Bianca and their relationship. The townspeople accepted Bianca as a real girl despite the fact that she was a doll.
They also accepted her as the girlfriend of Lars which made Lars able to interact with them well. Aside from that, the people in the town allowed Bianca to work as a model in a clothing store and attend social activities. When Bianca was sick and later on died, the people in the town also offered flowers and support for the couple, Lars and Bianca. 4. What moral presumptions (rules that we follow) does the community share about family or romantic relationships? About humanity? About dignity? About sexuality? Explain.
About family and romantic relationships, our moral presumption is that boy-girl relationships must be acceptable in the soceity in such a way that parents and family members agree to the relationship. The girl must be hardworking, attractive, and intelligent. In the human race, the person who knows how to interact well with other people are always accepted in the society. People base friendship and camaraderie with how a person agree to the norms and practices of the community he or she belongs. A person is also considered dignified when he has pride and wit to run his life.
For example, in the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the attitude of Lars in buying a sex doll named Bianca in the Internet made people think that he was insane. But when he introduced Bianca to the people and the latter’s acceptance made Lars capable of interacting well with them, he became a dignified person and was accepted as a real man (The Internet Movie Database, 2009, p. 1). Sexuality is based on the quest of becoming a real man and capable of performing responsibilities in the family and the society as a whole. 5.
Use deductive reasoning to justify the community’s conduct in Lars and the Real Girl. (A one-sentence hypothesis) The people in the community believes that the presence of Bianca in the life of Lars made him a better person. 6. Use inductive reasoning to construct an idea about people who buy sex dolls using Lars and the Real Girl. (A one-sentence hypothesis) Buying sex dolls is not really an immoral act, and what is important is how the act touches the lives of many people. 8. Is Lars’ relationship with Bianca immoral?
Why or why not? The relationship of Bianca and Lars is not really immoral. Their relationship is based on the norms of the society and the difference is only the fact that Bianca is a doll and not the real girl. But it still depends on the way people think and perceive in a given situation. 9. Which statement best describes your assessment of this film? Why? a. I believe that the movie reinforced the belief that femininity (and females) is best represented by silence and passivity. b.
I believe that the movie offered a view of femininity (and females) that is vibrant, active and engaged in their abilities and lives. I choose this description in the film as an assessment because it was proven in the movie that a vibrant, active, and hard working girl is mostly accepted in the society. Like Bianca, any girl who works hard and interact well with other people is a likeable person. References The Internet Movie Database. 2009. Lars and the Real Girl. Retrieved June 1, 2009, from http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0805564/.


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