Laerning Needs Matrix

LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX: Identify the characteristics of the various disabling conditions identified in IDEA in a matrix across these categories: Eligibility criteria, Intelligence, Language, Academic Functioning, Behavioral Challenges, Trends and Issues and Instructional Implications.

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Laerning Needs Matrix
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Use the attached matrix to make sure you answer each category. It does NOT have to be in the chart form. Write it out regularly but make sure you have a heading for each answer given.


You can use these websites for information:


Functional Behavior Assessment Mini Web




Information about Mobility Impairments


LD Online


National Association for the Deaf



National Eye Institute


Office of special education and rehabilitative services


People First Language


Section 504 and IDEA: Basic Similarities and Differences


The Council for Exceptional Children


The National Association for Gifted Children


We Media: The Disability Network


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