Lady Macbeth Dairy

Hurry home so I can talk to you and keep you away from those stupid thoughts tempting you to failure. Besides, I was just told by a messenger from Macbeth, reporting that the king Is coming to my fortress tonight. The news nearly drove me to crazy because I had no preparation at all to welcome Dunce’s entrance and to plan for the murder. I must be well planned since tonight would be the only chance for us to kill Duncan and grip the kingship. Come murderous thoughts! “Unsexes me here and fill me from” head to toe with “direst cruelty. ” (Act l, scene v, line 40-41) Come to my female breast!
Turn my mother’s milk into poisonous acid. Make me feel no remorse and human compassion, which reverent me to succeed In persuading my lord. Cover the world with darkness so that no one could see my evil crime. This is my plan: Macbeth is going to greet the king with warm welcome in order to deceive all. Just leave all the preparations for me and our lives will be changed after tonight. Both fate and witchcraft seem to want you to be the King, my lord! Second Entry- On the eve of Dunce’s murder Duncan has finally arrived at my fortress and he is having feast with Macbeth.
The king shows great appreciation on our hostess and has no perception at all about the fact that his fife Is at risk. According to my plan, the king must be killed tonight and I will be the Queen of Scotland. Within my expectation, Macbeth kept finding excuses to give up the plan after the arrival of the king. He said “he hath honored me of late, and I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people” (Act l, scene vii, line 32-33). Such a coward he is! He puts his ambition behind fame and loyalty. Apart from that, Macbeth also scared of the probability of failing.

Along with his timidity, I reinforced his determination by showing defiance towards him. I asked him whether he was run or Just woken, and showed contempt about the fact that he says “l can’t” after saying “l want to”. I told him that he will live as a coward and his behavior is not masculine at all. In addition, I told him the plan of how the deed is going to perform. With all the above threatening and defiance, my lord was persuaded to commit crime as a result. What a success it is! This is my plan: when Duncan is asleep, I will get his two guards drunk and make them into deep sleep.
Without protection from anyone, we could blend In and murder the king, whilst all the blame will be laid on the two runner guards rearwards. Meanwhile, we wall De grieving loudly once we are tool the news of his death later. This would definitely be a flawless plan. Both my lord and I are ready and we will exert every muscle in our bodies to seize the throne tonight! Third Entry – After Dunce’s murder The deed is done eventually. Luckily, the worries about the wake of guards and about the failure of Macbeth in finding the daggers did not happen. These will inevitably ruin our attempt if they happen.
When Macbeth came back from the chamber with his bloody hands, an utterly sorry sight was shown n his face. When he was with two drunken guards, he told me that he could not reply “Amen” when they said “God bless us! “. Moreover, he claimed that there is a voice keeps crying “sleep no more: Macbeth does murder sleep”(Act II, scene it, line 38-39). Macbeth was afraid of the punishment from God and the harass from supernatural. I told Macbeth that we must never think of our doings in this way since this will drive us mad. Once again, I convinced him by calling him a coward.
I commanded him to get some water and wash the filthy blood from his hands. Also, I as really furious with him because he was so nervous after the murder that he took the two daggers out of the room. The daggers are the only evidences to show the guards are guilty! I asked him to put them pack, and he rejected me and told me “I’ll go no more. I am afraid to think what I have done”(Act II, scene it, line 53-54). He is even more timid than a child since only children are frightened by scary pictures. Frankly, if Duncan had not reminded me of my dead father and made me weak, I would have killed him myself.
This would be better than now seeing my lord to lost is resolve. On the other hand, Macadam appeared soon after the deed had done. He was terrified by the kings death and rang the bell to wake up all the people and tell the treason. With I pretending horror and Macbeth showing sorrow, neither Macadam nor Lennox suspected on us. The two guards were killed by Macbeth. Our deeds will be covered since then and the murder will be blamed on the two dead guards. Now, Malcolm and Donaldson have fled away. My lord will be crowned in Scone. I am becoming the Queen of Scotland and I will take control of the country!

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Lady Macbeth Dairy
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