LA Heroic Essay

Take Percy Jackson, a fictional character from The Lightning Thief for example. He went on a dangerous quest and risked his life to save his mother. Throughout his journey he saved many others along the way, an example is that he saved a family on the arch from a chimera by jumping into the river below not knowing whether he would survive the jump or not. He also protected his friend from the Minotaur by jumping on its back and breaking of its horn then stabbing it with its own horn. Percy made a cautious choice and an act of selflessness in all three occasions.
He values his mom and his friend’s life over his own because of love. He sacrifices his life for the family because of altruism. Percy demonstrated the character of a hero. Yes, it is easy for Percy Jackson to perform one heroic act after another through a stroke Of a pen. However, the characteristic of heroism does not change between fictional and non-fictional situation. Take Walter Leers, a real life hero for example. He served in the army during WWW II. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for risking his life to protect his squad.
He single handedly took out two machine gun nests and seven enemy soldiers. Leers also risked his life drawing enemy fire so his men could escape; he took a sniper bullet through his side, which went through his rib and backpack during the process. Walter Leers chose to risk himself for the lives of many so that the nation can enjoy the freedom that so many heroes have fought and given their lives to protect. Walter acted on a decision of self-sacrifice to protect his squad. As mentioned earlier, heroism comes in all forms and ages.

Tyler Donna is an example of such. Tyler Donna, an 8-year-old who rescued six relatives from a fire including two younger children. But he died trying to save his disabled grandfather. Even though his aunt was holding him back, he broke free from her grip and went back into the blazing fire just so he could save his grandfather. He even called 911 right away when he saw the fire, he did everything he could do to make sure everyone was okay and ended up dying trying to save everyone. Tyler did not need a cape or super power to do what he did.
All it took was his courage to make the choice that he thought was worth his life. So what is the meaning of hero? Walter Leers and Tyler Donna symbolize the meaning of hero. Their courage to choose and act selflessly for the betterment of the greater good surround us every day and everywhere; from the firefighters, to the soldiers, to the scientists and to those who work tirelessly behind the scene making that very same decision to dedicate their life to the greater good, live and breath the meaning of a hero. Work Cited Fayette, Chris.

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LA Heroic Essay
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