Read the book material that discusses the Kraft-Heinz merger deal and gather additional information on the deal from external sources (web but make sure you paraphrase and cite) and answer the following questions
1. Why did Kraft choose to seek merger with Heinz rather than building its own venture?
2. What were the desired benefits on Kraft’s part? What were the actual results after the merger deal? Look at their performance after the deal was announced? After 2 months? And after 6 months? Then look at their performance recently like in the last couple years? what would you say about their performance over the period from the deal and afterwards?
3. Was this related diversification? Why did they consider this type of diversification? Use the book to answer this.
4. Search the web for any other acquisition deals, remember acquisition and not merger. Then talk about the companies involved, their positions before the deal, the benefits accrued to the acquirer if any or the losses accrued to the acquirer if any. Go on and explain to me what happened with that deal. Include all the details and make sure you reflect on it using your understanding of chapter 8 materials. 

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