Position Description: Analyst Programmer – C# . Net Purpose of Position: To design, develop, deliver and support Images in Space systems and services. To work with all areas of the Images in Space business to design and deliver future systems and services. The role requires the delivery of industry leading solutions that are reliable, scaleable and easy to use. This position operates in a multi-tasking environment and will involve support of clients (Internal and External) via phone, email and in person.

There is the requirement to work with the Senior Development Analyst and/or technical pre-sales staff to perform analysis and establish user requirements, deliver projects to time and budget, and support these systems to company and client specific agreed service levels. This position is also tasked with supporting a development culture based on consistent methodologies and best practices for design, testing, security and hosting. Reports to: Head Developer and Solutions Architect Key Accountabilities: Project Assignments: Analyze, design, build and test business / technical solutions to meet both our internal needs and the needs of our users. • Provide . NET, SQL Server and general development skills and experience to the Software Development team. • Maintain and support existing applications. • Conduct relevant “Requirements Analysis” to develop an accurate understanding of system requirements, in order to design the best solution within project, business and technical constraints. • Accurately estimate the time and investment required to implement solutions. • Analyse the mpact of any programmed changes to existing systems, and implement changes so as to minimise disruption to production environments. • Create functional software from technical designs and system requirements documentation. • Test software against specifications. • Create and maintain systems documentation. • Share knowledge and experience relevant to the project with team members. Personal Work Practice and Productivity • Accept responsibility and ownership for agreed personal/project objectives, timelines and deadlines. • Manage assigned work to ensure it is completed on time and to budget. Complete administration tasks within agreed timelines. • Share information and work with other developers / team members. • Actively work in alignment with the vision and values of the company. Quality Management • Support, maintain and improve Images in Space development methodologies, procedures and standards. • Ensure the quality of the final deliverables by establishing and checking technical standards, and by verifying that the products meet or exceed requirements. • To provide quality assurance to colleagues. Systems Support • Proactively identify system modifications and/or enhancements (scalability, performance, ease of use etc). Ensure all systems are fully operational in accordance with contracted performance measures and/or Service Level Agreements. Other responsibilities may include any development duties that we reasonably require you to do. These may change from time to time to reflect the changing requirements of your position and our business. Key Performance Criteria: • Delivery of projects against defined milestones and budgets. • Customer satisfaction / absence of complaints. • Speed of solutions (efficiency). • Rework rate (bugs). • Stability and Performance of Production software. Stability and Performance of Development Infrastructure. General Skills: • Ability to analyse and define system requirements. • Systems architecture and design. • Deliver functional software using appropriate web technologies. • Ability to learn new technologies. • Strong communication and inter-personal skills. • Lateral thinking. • Self management. • Provide direct training and support to development staff and end users. Technical Skills: • Microsoft and related technologies – C# / . NET Framework • Web sites & Web services (ASP. NET, MVC) • AJAX programming experience. Experience in Object Relational Mapping Tools ( e. g. : Subsonic, Nettiers, nHibernate) • Microsoft SQL Server • Standards Compliant Design and Markup (HTML / XHTML / XML & CSS) • DOM Scripting (JavaScript, JSON & related frameworks (e. g. : jQuery, YUI/ExtJS ) • Support legacy sites & services (Cold Fusion) • Separation of presentation and content by use of Cascading Style Sheets. • Experience in Fireworks or Photoshop for image creation or manipulation. • Web Service or Service Oriented Architecture experience. • Basic computer & systems hardware knowledge and networking skills.

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