Kinesic Interviewing Assignment 5

Assignment:  Provide 500 – 600 words for each of the prompts below  –Essay Questions: Book is Principles of Kinesic Interviewing & Interrogation 2nd Edition by Stan B. Walters. I need work cited and perfer Turn it in used. My teachers are a stickler.

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Kinesic Interviewing Assignment 5
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1. When the interrogator recognizes each stress-response state, he or she can take the actions necessary to disarm the four negative responses of anger, depression, denial, and bargaining. Explain this process. 

2.Expand on the theory of the positive stress response of acceptance, its characteristics, effects, and results in an interview situation. 

3.Take the stress response of DENIAL and give a summary of the main points which are: – Give the definition – Supply the characteristics that identify denial, and – Outline the goals of the interviewer and goals of the subject. 

4.Based on the last question, answer these final two phases of dealing with a subject who is in denial (about the crime, his/her part in it, etc. when all the evidence proves guilt): – Decide the results of an interview when the chief mechanism is denial, and – Summarize the interrogator/interviewer’s response to dealing with a subject in denial and how to achieve a successful outcome.


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