Journalism Homework 700 words

1. Watch the documentary about the history of newspapers at

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Journalism Homework 700 words
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After reading the attached chapter, write an essay of 700 words about news and the American Revolution, as well as the history of newspaper. 

Part 1 (350 words) based on the chapter

Answer the following question: Is “the newspaper … still necessary,” in Alexis de Tocqueville’s words, “to keep” Americans “united”? Explain this statement. Support your opinion with the quotes from the chapter.

What was the role of newspapers before the revolution? Did newspapers keep people united? If so, why? How about now? 

Where did American journalists borrow the news writing style from? Who was Peter Zenger? What was the role of women-journalists? 

Part 2 (350 words) based on the documentary

According to the documentary, what is the role of newspapers? Name the key events in the history of newspapers.

 Compare the importance of a reporter now and about 60-80 years ago. Describe the editorial process of a newspaper. Compare it to the editorial process online news undergo (research this question on your own). Who is the editor online or on social media? 

Describe the coverage of Kennedy’s assassination..

According to the documentary, is it important for a reporter to explain people why they should know about a particular event? If so, why? If no, why?


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