Journal 9 MMC


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Journal 9 MMC
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We watched part of a documentary about Turkmenistan on YouTube ( ). Try to imagine a vision of Turkmenistan 15 years from now. What could a future for this country look like if the current regime continues for another 15 years? What are possible outcomes of the policies in that country?


Grading Criteria:

Your assignment will receive a full score if it

  • discusses one question from the current week (as an exception, you may pick a question from a previous week if you missed class or don’t like any of the current questions; this may be done no more than 3 times per semester)
  • demonstrates understanding of the question and an analytical response/discussion
  • incorporates at least two technical/theoretical terms from class or the textbook
  • is using the terms correctly and citing the textbook (or other sources) where necessary
  • shows creativity – either in content, writing, or formatting; you are allowed (and encouraged) to include multimedia materials (cite them if they are not yours!), visuals, etc.
  • is at least 350 words in length
  • is written in proper, grammatically correct, college-level English
  • uses APA citations in-text and in the reference list


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