this discussion, you are tasked with comparing two hospitals, one that is considered a safety-net hospital (public hospitals who care for a large segment of the population who are uninsured or underinsured) and one hospital from a more affluent area in the state where you live.
Visit The Joint Commission: Quality Check (Links to an external site.).
Take the following steps to find two hospitals:
·  Enter a city and state, and then select Locate.
·  A list of hospitals for that city and state will populate on the page. Select View Report.
o  Select View Accreditation History. Next, select the most recent Quality Report, which will open as a PDF document. Scroll down to the pages that list the National Patient Safety Goals and then the National Quality Improvement Goals. Choose one from either list.
o  If you choose a National Patient Safety Goal,
§  State the goal and the procedure(s) indicated in the Organization Should
§  Discuss the implications to the patient, staff (physicians, nurses, medical assistance, pharmacists, etc.) and hospital if the health care professional fails to follow the procedure indicated.
o  If you choose a Quality Improvement Goal,
§  State the measure and explanation of that goal.
§  Discuss how the hospital can improve their performance to meet the target.
·  Repeat the above steps for a second hospital. Reminder, one hospital should be a safety-net hospital and one should serve an affluent community.
·  Next, compare and contrast the differences between the two facilities. After review of the two hospitals, discuss your opinion about the reasons these hospitals could have disparities.
Your initial post should be 250 WORDS and utilize at least one scholarly source from the Ashford University Library to justify your recommendations for improvement

DUE 10/1 Eastern w/turnitin report

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