Job Interview Role play

Interviewer2: So first of all, please tell me about yourself. Applicant1: Certainly. I completed my degree in Business Studies at the University of Plymouth and spent the summer months travelling Europe with some friends. In the morning, I try to spend some time going to the gym, as I like to keep myself fit and healthy, and also participate with a local football team in the evening. Interviewer1: That sounds wonderful. We have a gym here and we also organise company football tournaments between different branches. We are always looking for team members to join the football squad.
So, why are you leaving your current job? Applicant1: Well, it has been great experience working as a Marketing Assistant for the past three years and feel like I am ready for a change. I learnt a great deal with my current employers but am keen to learn more within the industry. Interviewer2: I see. I notice that you are commuting from Brighton and it is an hour journey to our office. If you don’t mind me asking, are you willing to travel between the branches? Applicant1: Absolutely, I enjoy travelling and was keen to experience more, especially when I travelled around Europe.
In fact, I am planning to visit a conference at the weekend in Birmingham. Interviewer1: Ohh, that sounds interesting. What conference is that? Applicant1: The conference is about B2B marketing. Interviewer2: Well have fun. What mistakes have you learned from? Applicant1: Actually, when I first started my previous job, I didn’t know anything about business marketing. I had to basically teach myself and continuously ask questions to my boss for guidance. Essentially, I was learning the ropes. One mistake was related to the procedures for keeping information secure.

I was given training and implemented this. Interviewer1: Why do you want to work here? Applicant1: Having learned the basics of marketing with my current company, I would like to develop my interest and career with a company which is reputable not just in the UK but abroad. I believe your company would be able to support my aspirations. Interviewer2: Okay. Thank you. I have a few more questions. How do you handle stress and pressure? Applicant1: I believe that the degree course has provided me with the opportunity to multitask and stick to a deadline.
I also am used to dealing with prioritising my workload and working as part of a team. Obviously, I am aware that on occasions I am expected to contribute and I hope that the skills that I have gained will enable me to assist with any future projects. Interview1: Thank you for this. Finally, what are your salary expectations? Applicant1: Well, I started my marketing career three years ago and still open to develop professionally. Therefore, I expect to earn a salary commensurate to my qualifications and experience. Interview2: Do you have any questions for us? Applicant1: Not at the moment.
Interviewer1: Well thank you for taking the time to answer the questions and we shall be in touch in the next few days. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Applicant1: Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Applicant2 Interviewer1: Good afternoon, please have a seat. Applicant2: Thank you. Interviewer2: How are you doing today? Did you have any trouble finding the office? Applicant2: I’m fine thank you, and I had no trouble at all getting here. Interviewer1: Great. Well let’s get started. Could you tell me about yourself?
Applicant2: I graduated from Khon-Kaen University with a major in communications. I’ve been working for the past year in public relations at a small company, but I’m looking to expand my horizons now and work for a larger corporate company like this one. Interviewer2: Why are you interested in this position? Applicant2: I saw on your website that your company does a lot of work for improving literacy levels in public schools. In college, I participated in a number of programs like XBMC, Flip Publisher, and Microsoft Office that aimed to encourage students in their education.
I think that it would be a rewarding learning experience for me, and I believe that I could use my past experiences to excel in the position. Interviewer1: What’s one of your weaknesses? Applicant2: I would say that I’m not very experienced in making presentations. In my last job, I did not have a lot of opportunities to practice my public speaking because the company was so small. I would really like to work in a place that could allow me to develop that skill further. Interviewer1: Tell me about your worst boss. Applicant2: I’ve been very fortunate to not have any awful supervisors.
With all of my bosses, I’ve learned a lot and discovered what type of management style I work the best under. I definitely respond better to set guidelines and organization, so my worst experience was with a supervisor who was a little disorganized. I learned how to work well in that kind of environment though because of my time with him. It’s important to use every challenging experience as a way to learn and improve, so I couldn’t call one boss worse than another. Interviewer2: How do others describe you? Applicant2: Erm…my colleagues describe me as a hard worker.
I’m the first one to lend a hand in a project when it is needed. I’ve always been very self-motivated, and my colleagues know that they can count on me. When I first started at my last job, it was a new field for me. I had to ask for a lot of help at first, but I worked hard. My colleagues saw how quickly I improved in the first couple of months, and they respect me for that now. Interviewer1: Why are you the best candidate for this position? Applicant2: I’m really impressed by the work that your company does. I have had a lot of experience in the past working in similar fields, so I think I would fit in well.
I am sure there are a lot of other qualified candidates for the job, but I am passionate about this work. I would dedicate myself to doing the best possible work. Interviewer2: Great! So, how do you thing you fit in our organization? Applicant2: I wish to make a career in IT industry and keeping in mind my long term goals, I believe that associating with this organization will be the most prudent step. In here, I would surely be able to further utilize my skills in the most effective manner and also, obtain a chance of acquiring newer skills and honing the same. Interviewer1: Do you have any questions for us? Or, is there anything about the company that I haven’t told you? Applicant2: Well. What is the salary for this position? Interviewer2: You can identify it by yourself, so we separately spend on your healthcare, flextime and vocation time. Applicant2:Oh! I see. Interviewer1: You have to joy us first, and you will know all of the questions which you were wondering. I think. Well, thank you for your time. We’ll be making a selection in a couple of days and will call you one way or the other. Applicant2: Thank you for seeing me. Have a pleasant day.

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Job Interview Role play
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