Job Functions: Database Administrator vs. HIM Department Manager

Professionals working in the HIM field find that some of their job functions relate to or are similar to those of a database administrator. This assignment explores the functions of these two positions. Clearly, the positions are not the same, you will, however, see some crossover of function when the assignment is complete. 

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Job Functions: Database Administrator vs. HIM Department Manager
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The assignment is outlined in three (3) steps below.

Step 1: Create a table like the one below into a Word document and then fill in the information you gather in Step 2.

HIM Technician

Database Administrator

Primary Job Functions 

Job Outlook (expected growth) 

Approximate number of jobs in the field 

Educational requirements and qualities to possess for the job 

Step 2: Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook webpage Look up the description for the following job titles and enter the information in the Table you created in Step 1:

  • Database Administrator
  • Medical Records/Health Information Technician

Step 3: Finally, compare and contrast the job functions listed for these titles. Using complete paragraphs or another table if you like, identify and highlight differences you see in the job functions and then identify and highlight similarities you note in the job functions.

Your paper should use proper spelling/grammar and be at least two (2) pages long.


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