Japan topic 1 and 2

This is a group project and i’m only responsible for 1 and 2. 200 words on each topic and powerpoint slide presentation summarizing the two topics.

Your organization has given your team the task of preparing employees in your company for success working in a foreign country.  Your team will determine which foreign country you will choose, subject to approval by the instructor.  Items to address will include the country’s:

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Japan topic 1 and 2
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Hierarchy and decision-making processes;
Types of conflicts that may be encountered;
Preferred managerial qualities;
Privileges and/or favoritism as it relates to sex, religion, class, or status;
Ethnicity and gender issues;
Customs that may have an impact on the organization’s way of doing business;
Particular behaviors to avoid. 
Other areas identified in the Evaluation Criteria below.

The Foreign Assignment PAPER will be graded using the following Evaluation Criteria:

a. Adequately discuss all the areas identified for the country – 60%. 

b. Provides an overall summary and conclusion (7-9 sentences) – 15%. 

c. Correct syntax and grammar – 10%. 

d. Correct spelling and punctuation – 10%.

e. Correct APA style usage for citations and references – 5%


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