ISM3004 Chapter 6 Essay

The cloud is the elastic leasing of pooled computer resources over the Internet. Today, many organizations have begun to move their computing infrastructure to the cloud, and it is likely that in the future all, or nearly all, computing infrastructure will be leased from the cloud.
Suppose that you are launching a new social networking Web site designed to connect people with similar tastes in music, film, and other forms of entertainment. Currently, your financial resources are quite limited, and your initial computing infrastructure needs are modest. However, you strongly believe that your new marketing campaign will increase the traffic on your site dramatically.
In an essay, explain the advantages that the cloud could offer your new business as your site traffic increases. Be sure to explain how the cloud could help you reduce costs.
Submit through MyMISLab
4 or more acceptable references, written appropriate APA 
The assignment should be 500 to 800 words in length
Use the spell checker in Word, Google Docs, or wherever you type your report. Check your report on the web site (Links to an external site.) and fix any errors before submitting.

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ISM3004 Chapter 6 Essay
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