Is It Necessary to Have a Debut?

They say, when you reach the age of eighteen, you will be on the legal age. You are free to decide everything that you want; free to go on adults places and be who you wanted to be. It is also in this age that every teenagers long for. That is why; having a debut is one way of celebrating this occasion. But is it really necessary for us to have this? For my own perspective, having a debut on your legal day is something that is not necessary in our life.
I understand that we celebrate our 18th birthday through because you have this reason that is your way of showing you are very grateful that you have finally reached this age. But isn’t it too expensive to have this? Is it really important that you have these 18 candles and 18 roses on that day? Can we just show our gratitude in just a simple dinner shared with our family? Don’t get wrong, when I was on this age. I was also grateful that I celebrated my birthday having a debut party with my friends.
To tell you honestly, it was not me or my family who organized it. It was my college friends. It was a surprise for me. And just by being frank, that was the first birthday in my life that I wasn’t with my family but it was very unforgettable day. I never planned to have a debut nor ever dreamed of having one. It’s just that God might put me into a place where I am being valued. And it is something that I am thankful of. For the details of my debut, I have also these 18 candles and 18 roses.

Instead of having a dance with these 18 handsome boys, who are my friends, they sang a song which will represent our love and friendship for each other. They planned everything on my birthday. From the dress I wore on that day to the car I rode on that place and to the food we’ve ate. Everything was so perfect. Except that my family is not there. Oh I forgot to tell you. They’ve also invited some of my High school friends. That was really surprising. Though they don’t know each other, they still managed to plan everything for a surprise.
One year later, it was my birthday again; I will be on the age of 19. But what I realized is that being 19 have no difference when you are 18. Except that you have added 1 more year in your life. Some of my friends have already forgotten my birthday. They will no longer remember it unless they’ve seen it on Facebook. At this point, I thought about having a debut is not necessary. We can be as grateful as we are in our everyday life. We can thank everyone not only in our 18th birthday but we can have it every day. We may not have everything that we want on our birthday but at least we may have nothing.

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Is It Necessary to Have a Debut?
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