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History Some can argue that the war has been going on since world war 2, when Stalin wanted the farm land In Ukraine and he had found many ways of obtaining their land such as: starving the Ukrainian people of food till they died or gave up their land or they Just killed the villagers, since then there have been many disputes between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has always felt that they had a certain cultural connection with Ukraine because when the Russian empire rose as a great empire its capital was in present day Ukraine. So It Is understandable that some of the Ukrainian people are ad at the Russians.
But the more recent conflict which Is still going on started because the east side of Ukraine (which Is the Russian speaking side, many of whom had voted for Hancock) think that Ukraine should not join the European union and protested Hancock removal. So then Russian leaders decided that they should intervene for the sake of Russian speaking Ukrainians, too the west side of Ukraine it seems like the Russian leaders are ignoring the valid reasons that Hancock was removed for. Some believe that Russian president Vladimir Putting Is using this conflict s a distraction from Russia slaking economy.
Escalation Now there was a lot of increase in the violence when people started protesting against Russia. Between February 18 and 20, 103 people were killed and 1419 injured. The vast majority of Russians believe the Ukrainian military shot downplays Airlines flight MI 7, a new poll has shown, underlining how differently the tragedy has been presented in Russia than in the west. Crimean status referendum 2014 was a referendum on the status of Crimea held on March 16, 2014, by the legislature of Autonomous Republic of Crimea as well as by he local government of Soapstone, both subdivisions of Ukraine at the time.

The referendum asked the people of Crimea whether they wanted to join Russia as a federal subject, or if they wanted to restore the 1992 Crimean constitution and Crime’s status as a part of Ukraine. Presently Russia and Ukraine are trying to avoid a big war. So In the conflict life cycle, It Is between escalation and desolation and they are trying to avoid a deadlock. Deadlock but Russia is expecting a peace treaty. Some 70% of the Russian troops believed to have been in Ukraine have withdrawn back across the border, Ukrainian President Petrol Apprehension said, according to the national news agency Cruciform. This is another hope that peaceful initiatives have a good perspective,” Apprehension is quoted as saying during a Cabinet meeting in Kiev on Wednesday. The remarks came several days into a shaky ceasefire deal between Ukrainian forces and pro- Russia rebels, signed last Friday after nearly five months of fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Presidents of Russia and Ukraine are “broadly satisfied” with the status of the ceasefire, a Kremlin aide said Wednesday. Russian’s president has said he is hoping for a peace deal between Ukraine and pro- Russian rebels by Friday.
Vladimir Putting urged both sides to stop military action in eastern Ukraine, adding that his views and those of his Ukrainian counterpart were very close. We can say that the conflict is De escalating from escalation. Insisting that Russia is in no way a negotiating party in the Ukrainian conflict, Vladimir Putting is nevertheless certain that it is Moscow proposals that are going to advance both sides to peace. Mr. Putting plan is short and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Take, for example, a point on moving Ukrainian troops away from positions from which towns and cities can be shelled.
Taken to an extreme, this could mean rewinding the situation on the ground to a point several weeks ago before Ukrainian advances. Just two weeks ago the discussions centered around when, and not if, the rebels would have to move out of Donates and Alumna’s. But Moscow plan will allow them to strengthen their control over the two regional centers and other areas. Mr. Putting has often seemed unwilling to negotiate from a position of weakness and the reversals of the past few days illustrate this perfectly. Now it’s Petrol Apprehension who has to choose whether to accept something which clearly protects Sieve’s enemies in astern Ukraine.
Ukrainian government troops say they have repelled an attack by pro-Russian rebels on Donates airport. De escalation THE war in eastern Ukraine has quieted, for now. Its disparate factions have as much reason to keep fighting as to put away their guns. But a ceasefire signed on September 5th in Minsk is so far mostly holding. Ukrainian president, Petrol Apprehension, does not want to fight an unnamable war against Russia, which is the situation he would have been in had he pressed on with Sieve’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the east. His Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putting, is happy to see
Donates and Alumna’s turn into breakaway territories that can serve as instruments against Kiev. Russian prime minister Dimity Maddened has said the country will honor all its agreements with the European Union and Ukraine, but will trigger “protective measures” if a trade pact between the two comes into force early. The Nun and the end of 201 5 in a concession to Russia The Ukraine ceasefire might collapse any day. But if it sticks and the war ends here, it poses the question: who won? In military terms, the answer looks clear: Russian leader Vladimir Putting. In March, the Russian army seized Crimea.
Last week, it routed Ukrainian forces in east Ukraine. Ukrainian president Petrol Apprehension asked EX. and Nato leaders for weapons. They said “there is no military solution to the conflict”. But Putting showed there is – several thousand Russian infantry, fighting as formed units, supported by tanks and artillery. The Russian invasion and the lack of Western support is why Ukraine signed the “Minsk protocol” – a 12-point peace plan – last Friday (5 September). So what if Putting won Crimea and bits of Donates and Alumna’s – he lost the rest of Ukraine. Right? Russian’s attack has seen pro-Western feeling soar in the rest of the country.
Polls now say Ukrainians want to Join Nato. They also say pro-Western parties will sweep pro- Russia MSP out of parliament in upcoming elections. It depicts the crisis in Putting own macho terms. The truth is that everybody lost. EX. civilians (IMHO), 2,600 Ukrainians, and who knows how many Russians lost their lives. Ukraine lost territory. The EX. and Nato lost credibility. But Putting will go down in history as the biggest loser: He lost the chance to make Russia, one of the world’s richest nations in terms of natural resources and culture, and Russian’s neighborhood into a decent place to live.

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