Intro To Public Speaking KIM WOODS ONLY

Speech Analysis or Public Speaking Isn’t Just Verbal

Please respond to one of the following questions:

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Intro To Public Speaking KIM WOODS ONLY
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Question A

For our next speech analysis, we’ll take a look at a recent speech from President Barack Obama, and his address about the deficit reduction on July 5, 2011. 

Please note: It is not my intention to argue or debate the context of this speech. I ask that you evaluate the rhetoric objectively and not from a standpoint of whether or not you agree with the President’s remarks.

In similar fashion, evaluate the President’s speech as if you were grading his effort.

What do you notice about his posture? His language? 
What type of vocabulary and terminology are you hearing, that you don’t normally hear?

Please watch this short video, then share your thoughts and reactions in the discussion board.

Direct Link to Video

Question B

Thus far, our focus has been strictly on communicating effectively through the spoken word. But we’d be silly to think that this is the only way that we speak publicly. As our communications practices go viral and globalization shrinks our world, the ability to communicate effectively through the written word gets more powerful by the day.

  • Are you familiar with ‘netiquette’? If so, what’s your understanding of the term? If not, do some research and tell us about it.
  • What are some of the characteristics of this concept? What are some guidelines or best practices surrounding this idea?
  • And lastly, how does a concept like netiquette relate to a concept like public speaking?

It might not be as far-fetched as you think! I look forward to your responses, and please respond to at least two classmates.


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