Intro To Data Research Paper

Research paper Policy
Research paper Policy

APA format

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Intro To Data Research Paper
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Min number of pages are 15 pages
Must have

Contents with page numbers
The problem

Are there any sub-problems?
Is there any issue need to be present concerning the problem?

The solutions

Steps of the solutions

Compare the solution to other solution
Any suggestion to improve the solution

Missing one of the above will result -5/30  of the research paper
Paper does not stick to the APA will result in 0 in the research paper

 you have multiple submission to check you safe assignments
The percentage accepted is 1%
Any more percentages will result to drop your grade by multiple by 2

For example, if your percentage from safe assignments is 21% then your grads will drop as 21-1= 20 * 2 = – 40

Not submitting your research paper will result in your grade is -30


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