Interview Profile Final Beh/225

Final Project 1 Interview Profile Trevor Edwards BEH/225 Hillary Locke Final Project 2 In life everyone has different think and behaviors usually do to how a person is raised during childhood, what they have seen during childhood, or it is inherited through genes that are passed on to them.
The person that I have chosen for my interview profile is a female, which is the opposite sex from me because I am a male. I made the decision of choosing a female for my interview because men and women think a little differently in some situations, which I thought, might shed a little light on the difference between the two genders and their thinking. My interviewee and myself age difference is five years apart being that she is twenty five and I am thirty years old.
Both the interviewee and I have full time jobs while also going to school to open doors of opportunities that can make our lives better in the future. During the learning process my interviewee can remember information better by reading about behavior better than seeing it, because she can read whatever that she does not understand again to refresh the material to help get a better understanding of the material.

She explained to me that when she reads the material she tends to remember the material better because the material seems to set into her brain better than if she see the behavior. She also states that if she sees the behavior there are distractions that can redirect her attention from learning the material, but if she is reading it her attention is set on the material and not other things that might be happening around her that could get her side tracked from what she is learning.
I on the other hand like to see the behavior better than I do reading about the behavior because when I see things I tend to understand them better. I think it is because once I see it I know how it operates by seeing it through actions not words. Although words explain Final Project 3 the behavior I found it easier to understand the behavior through seeing the actions because it explains it literally and words can get misinterpreted from time to time.
My interviewee likes to study at home instead of going to the library during the learning process. She states that although the library is a nice and quiet place to study which is just the way she likes it to be when she is studying, she might have to either wait to for a computer to open up or she might be using the computer and someone else might have a reservation to use the computer which will boot her off even if she is not done using the computer. She also told me that not everyone in the library abides by and respect library etiquette.
She stated that libraries are often flooded with children and teenagers usually after school lets out for the day to get on the computer to do school work, play games, or just hang out because others are there to interact with. As for myself I like to study at home and I do not mind having the television or radio on at a low level in the background because to me it really does not cause a distraction to me. Some people might find things like these to be distractions that would not allow them to think or stay on track during the learning process.
I also have to study when there are children or babies crying in the background which does not bother me, but little babies that cry for long periods of time can annoy me and can distract me from studying the material that I need to learn. I also like studying at home because I can stop and take a break to take care of something else I need to get done or just stop for a break to relax for a moment, and then get back to studying with no problem at all.
Mainly I think that it comes down to how well a person can block out background noises and if that person Final Project 4 cannot block distractions well then they will not be able to study with things that are in the background and would want it quiet. I asked my interviewee if she has ever taken the Myers Briggs test and her answer was no which a different answer to mine was because I have taken the test before. I asked her if she would be willing to take this test and her response was yes.
After taken the test my interviewee thought that the test was accurate from the results of her test because it defined her as a seller which was the same results as mine after I took the test. Both my interviewee and I seem to agree with the results because we both feel that we are sellers or have a seller mentality. I also asked my interviewee if she would recommend any of her friends to take this test to see if they agree with the results and she replied yes because she would want to see how accurate the test really was or if it just told everyone the same thing.
I also reminded her that she could take the test more than one time to check the results that a way, but keep in mind that the test is also based on honest answers. I asked my interviewee if she thought that she was self monitoring herself when it came to her attitude and she replied yes because she wants to make the right impression to other people so she tries to recognize what attitude to have in certain situations which I agree with because I think that I am also self monitoring toward my attitude.
I am the same way especially when it comes to knowing when to be serious and when to be playful. Most people do care how other people view them and what they think of you as a person. I also asked my interviewee what she thought had the most Final Project 5 influence toward her attitude and she told me that for the most part her family and friends had the most influence toward her attitude.
She also stated that sometimes other people’s attitude toward her affected her attitude toward them meaning if they had a poor attitude with her she would more than likely have a poor attitude toward them. As for me I think that my mood and the people around me has the most influence on my attitude because if someone I am around has a negative or positive attitude then their attitude affects my attitude and I will more than likely have the same attitude as them in the long run, but for the most part if someone has a negative attitude I try to keep my attitude positive.
When it comes to race, gender, and ethnicity my interviewee and I think that they play a role when it comes to developing a person’s personality and attitude. We both agree that people of different race, gender, and ethnicity think and behave differently in the same situation because of how they were raised or how they are treated in certain situations. There are some things that another race or gender might find funny in a situation, but someone of a different race or gender may not find funny in that same situation.
When it comes to people performing tasks my interviewee and I agree that in most cases we are motivated by both intrinsically and extrinsically, but for the most part we both feel that the intrinsically motivation is what drives us both the most. Everyone likes to be rewarded for doing a good job or completing a task before the dead line. The main thing is that the greatest reward is when you complete a task and feeling proud of your accomplishment all because of your hard work and not because of a reward or to avoid a punishment.
So intrinsic motivation is the best form of motivation in both my Final Project 6 interviewee’s eyes and mine as well, but extrinsic motivation is just a bonus most of the time because what is a person going to do when they have to perform a task without any extrinsic motivation?
Final Project 7 Reference: Brophy, Jere (1997). Motivating students to learn. Guilford. CT: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN:0070081980). Dennis Coon’s Psychology: Exploration and Application, West, 1989, pages 463-464. Morris, C. G. , ; Maisto, A. A. (2002). Psychology: An introduction (12th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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